Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I like bunnies.......

and I like chicks...........

but which is better?????

I peaked too early with the easter decorations and became mildly obsessed with bunny and bird stuff so much that I forgot to do the easter tree..........must go do that now, also have forgotten where I hid the easter eggs that I bought weeks ago :)

Happy Tuesday

x x x x x x x x x


  1. My mother also used to hide the easter eggs for my sister and me, who both had/have a severe chocolat addiction. Most of the times we found them earlier than she rememered where she left them xD

  2. how sweet are those easterdecorations!!

    Bought some really colourfull chocolatebunnies and -eggs too, and some kitsch plastic eggs...for fun!

    have a nice evening.

  3. I think that little bunny is very sweet!

  4. Am sure my Mum had a china bunny like that - was on her dressing table for years - something she was given as a child.

    I think I know where the boys chocolate bunnies are for Sunday!!

  5. did you hide them in your tummy??
    (did you?)

    Lovely to hear from you - been lying v low over the past couple of weeks but back in the land of the living now. Yes please to getting together soon.
    Fee ♥
    (when I say land of the living I really mean magical land of the blogs. Will attempt land of the living later in the week!)

  6. cute pictures, i love bunnies and chicks there both so cute ;-) I hope you manage to find your eggs ;-) dee x

  7. Oh yes...bunnies and chicks are delightful especially when made of chocolate. Yum...hope your found your eggs. xoxo

  8. I like both....bunnies and chicks!!!! As long as they are chocolate...a big weakness of mine!!!
    Have a great day!
    Chris :o)

  9. Hope you are successful on your Egg Hunt!
    Best wishes for a lovely Easter,
    Susan x

  10. OOh these bunnies are just the sweetest thing ever!
    Happy easter, feel free to visit me at
    Kate :)

  11. Definitely bunnies!!! :)
    Vivienne x

  12. What little cuties these are.....Have happy Easter, I'm so ready for the candy!

  13. Adorable...

    Wishing you a blessed Easter.


  14. What a beautiful Blog I am off to visit your past posts, stop by and say hi sometime~ Happy Spring oxxoDiane.. I am your newest follower