Wednesday, 16 March 2011

woodland friends and questionable taste.........

You wouldn't think so if you peeked at my fabric cupboard but thrifty finds have been few and far recently....although I have stumbled across some little treasures of the pot...ornament...bordering on tasteless kind........

This one wasn't exactly a bargain but I just couldn't leave him behind or his little pine cone pepper pot friend......

These I love but one may find itself sitting on the shelves of littleteawagon some time soon. The Deer is for keeps :) I'm always happy to find a leaping fawn with long eyelashes and a perky tail (and its not often I get to say that)
~Happy Wednesday~
x x x x x x x x x


  1. Your little friends are simply adorable!! What a cute collection.

    Sending you a day filled with Spring JOY...xoxoxo

  2. they are so cute!!
    - i am partial to squirrels and deer myself :)

  3. I have a pair of the deer bookends too! They keep my childhod Beatrix Potter books in order.

  4. Oh my! How lovely!
    I love the wee squirrel the best, she has such a sweet little face.

  5. I love these little critters.....they are happy little people!

  6. I think they're all tasteless tat.
    Just kidding.
    Find any jeans to pimp???
    I've started another pair!
    fee x
    ps. please can you make me a scarf like the one Lucy in the attic has just ta daaaa'd? will pay handsomely!!!
    reeeeally handsomely....

  7. oh I love these!! I have my own ceramic animal collection too, so tacky but so wonderful :)

  8. Just found you lovely blog via Koralee Bluebird Notes where she is showing a beautiful bag of yours!
    Must thankyou for some info I unexpectedly picked up whilst browsing your etsy shop - I now know where some vintage fabric that I have came from, AND why I keep seeing it everywhere - yes, good old M&S!!!! I should have guessed!

  9. I love your woodland friends!! Uber Cute!!!
    Chris :o)