Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The post about surprise post........

Today was a lovely surprise day..... I'd been out and when I got home a lovely package was waiting for me....... little candy striped packages all cutely stuck up with dotty tape from my lovely friend bobobun ...too nice to open....but of course I did ..

Too cute :)

Such treats ....those fabrics... the buttons... so very teawagony, even though we have never met. Our paths crossed in blog land and through etsy and I'm so glad they did :)

It made me smile....a lot :) :) :)

(still smiling)

x x x x x x x x


  1. They are very teawagony aren't they? That's what I love about your blog, you always have such lovely colours in your posts.

    That chick is so cute!

  2. Isn't it so nice to meet so many kindred spirits! I love blogland! Enjoy your sweet treasures. xoxox Hugs and love.

  3. I loved your sweet present. God bless your sweet blog friend and you for posting this. It made me smile....a lot!!
    Chris :o)

  4. Isn't happy post the best post there is:) !

  5. Such a lovely gift, enjoy it, dee x

  6. I would love to get a package like that in the post and all wrapped up in pink candy stripe - perfect!!xx

  7. I wish I had your friends. You're always getting treats posted to you!xx

  8. So so pretty what a lovely bunch of spring happiness!!

  9. What a wonderful present. Love the pink chicken.
    I'm smiling and smiling and smiling today because I've got a place on a Julie Ansell workshop!
    Carol xx

  10. What a great gift! Beautiful.
    And your fabrics (post above) are so beautiful too.

  11. Your blog is pure sweetness, Jane!

    Have a happy weekend xx

  12. i'm smiling too! what a great package.

    happy weekend, so lovely to visit you ♥