Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mr Bunny......

Me........"Is it Easter yet????"

Everyone else............."NO!!!!!"

"So it's too early to start getting out Mr and Mrs Bunny and their little friend Lamby????"

...................OOOOps too late :)

Happy Easter!!..................oh I mean Thursday
x x x x x x x x


  1. I know what you mean, I'm sneaking little Easter decorations in here and there too!!
    Love, love, love your bunnies. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Mr and Mrs bunny and their little friend Lamby are way to cute to only come out for Easter.

  3. Very cute!
    It certainly feels like it should be Easter. It's too late this year don't you think?
    I feel I should be getting my Little Cotton Rabbits knitting pattern out for bunny egg cosies but it's ages yet!
    Ali x

  4. It is ages away, but our school breaks up for two weeks next friday so I was thinking it was easter next week.........well thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it :)
    Thankyou for the 'bunny love' x x x x x

  5. Oh I have such bunny envy! I have been lusting after this little fella for quite a while now! Is it ever too early for Easter?!!!!!! Yum yum chocolate egg time! yee haaa!!!!!!!!


  6. We already have a hop-a-long bunny and a whole clutch of multi-coloured chicks from the £ shop knocking about. And it's best not to talk about the chocolate...
    You aren't alone.

  7. Such a lovely bunny...he deserves to be seen at any time!
    Susan x

  8. I want to move into this room, what sweet little friends!!

  9. bless you ;-)) there cute, dee x

  10. Such sweet bunnies and pretty styling. It can't be too early to embrace and celebrate spring can it? And bunnies and blossoms are so very springy. x

  11. was wondering ther same thing myself when pondering if it was too early to get the plastic eggs out to hang on twigs - unfortunalty I could not find any decent twigs anywhere -where did you get your beautiful blossom from??

  12. The bunny lamp is AMAZING! I saw a bambi lamp in a shop at the weekend which I think would appeal to you and it seems you can get on online.

  13. Mr and Mrs? I can't imagine those two getting it together!

    It looks a very pretty corner with the blossom as well, appropriate for Spring if too early for Easter.

  14. Love, love, love your bunny lamp!

  15. Oh I saw this on Flickr and love it sooo much!
    my order arrived today, thank you so much, it is all gorgeous!
    Have a fabby weekend!
    Rachel x

  16. never too early my friend!
    I've HAD to make an Easter tree (to photograph for the shop...obviously) but now wondering if it's too much to change the decorations half way through the season....kind of like a presenter in the 70's might move towards something a little more dressy as the evening progresses?
    (actually, of all my friends I don't know why i'm asking YOU!)
    Hoping it's a sunny weekend here for us...and lets make sure we get our little trip in next week...fee ♥

  17. Your bunny light is adorable...I must get out all my sweet Easter treasures. I now think it is time. Hugs for Friday. oxoxo

  18. ohhh easter wishes have come true- what a wonderful picture love your bunnies ;0)x how cute. kazzy x

  19. I loved seeing your Bunnies! I have also snuck out my Easter "tree" and have ornaments hanging and 2 stuffed bunnies on the table next to it... and recently my daughter found an old ceramic bunny I made in 7th grade in the attic and now it's all cleaned up and on the table. :-)

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  20. Hello,

    I just found your lovely blog and I really like it! The pictures are wonderful, so many great ideas - just inspiring!

    Mr&Mrs Bunny are so cute - I would say it is definetely not too early for some easter decoration - this weekend a little bunny moved in on my windowsill and he seems to be quite happy there already!