Saturday 21 December 2013

holiday how to - light box

looks better at glows :)

here is a little festive decoration which is very easy to make as long as you have a few things handy...
you will need :
a box frame or deep picture frame (this one was from ikea a long time ago)
battery fairy lights
tracing paper and some nice patterned or coloured paper
scissors, double sided tape

1: take the front (glass) out of  the frame and place on top of the tracing paper, draw around and cut the same with your chosen patterned paper.
2: draw a shape like a star or a tree on to the centre of the patterned paper and cut out.
3: put the fairy lights in the box, making sure the on/off switch is outside of the frame and replace the glass
4: lay the tracing paper and then the patterned paper over the glass...mine stayed put on its own but you could add some double sided tape to keep it in place.
5: turn on the fairy lights and you have your own little festive light box :)

you could do this with a little scene from a christmas card or wrapping paper and I plan to change out the tree after christmas for a non seasonal image and I'm thinking numbers for birthdays...hearts for valentines....

ps I just wanted to add...I had many more ideas for tutorials and makes but recently life has gone a bit left of centre and the first thing to suffer is my blog. They are still all there in my head and hopefully  I will be blogging them when I get the chance. 

Hope your weekend is a jolly one :) x x