Thursday, 3 March 2011

Little surprises.......

..........Under my pillow..........

......left by #1 son......
If I wish hard enough will they just stay this age and never get any bigger?????

x x x x x x x x x x


  1. How sweet is that? Little boys are just gorgeous, but don't worry without doubt he will still do lovely, thoughtful things as he gets older.
    Just enjoy every day and file away those wonderful memories for another day.

    Claire :}

  2. Hey - thank goodness for boys #2 (took me ages to find that hashy thing!)
    Boy #1 (less so that time...but only just) has turned into a pre-teen horror. Not liking it one bit, bring back the toddler years.
    Have you seen my Stool Extreme Makeover post yet? might be the 'thing I am most proud of' (so far)
    Hooray for a fast approaching weekend, fee x
    (it wasn't completly my idea....)

  3. ahhhh bless him what a sweetie, boys are just lovely, i have one that used to do that. I love your pillows by the way, dee x

  4. I get little love letters from my seven year old boy. And he loves his cuddles. Hard to imagine that one day he won't want cuddles !! Lovely bedding, by the way x

  5. Very sweet :)

    Not sure how old your boys are but mine are teenagers and are still almost as cute as they were 10 years ago :)

  6. What a sweet gesture! And such a lovely, inspiring blog you have here- so glad I found it x

  7. Thats so sweet. I don't have kids but I hope they are as cute when I do.


  8. It's lovely when they are at that lovely little things like that and want their cuddles. It won't be long before mine will be totally embarrassed with me and want me to drop them off 3 streets away from where they need to be so they are not seen with me!


  9. Hi Jane

    loved your curtains. Well done for doing them as they look great. Reassured by your not too difficult comment as been contemplating finally putting the pile of lining, tape and curtains I've had for years all together. Might give it a go one day soon.

    How lovely to have a surprise under such beautiful pillows.