Monday, 29 November 2010


Its been a while, I seem to have fallen off the Teawagon and am having trouble jumping back
time is running away....I know a lot of people are feeling the same at the moment so I'll say a
quick hello....goodbye...see you soon :)
(He's got the best idea......curl up in patch of sun and let the world go by!)
Have a lovely... almost advent week :)


  1. Popped by to say hello and thank you for dropping my blog...
    Well what a lovely time I've had many pretties to look at and a good read too....Nice to meet you Jane :)
    Karen x

  2. I wouldn't mind curling up on a bed surrounded by all that yummy fabric! He definitely has the right idea of how to spend time in this cold snap.
    Good luck with getting on top of your work, yes I know the feeling!

  3. Have a lovely week to you as well! :-)

  4. Hello my dear, I know exactly what you mean!
    He's a handsome wee chap.
    Take care x

  5. Short but sweet, and a sweet picture of a jack russell. I used to have a JR...crazy dog he was!

  6. What great images, I love your pictures and the sweet dog!

  7. See you when you get hitched back on the wagon again Jane. Dogs get the best deal of all. Our Alfie hid this morning when Mr Bun got his lead out. Wish I could hide when it's time to go to work and everyone would say aahhh, bless her go and have a lie down on your beanbag.

    Hope you're enjoying whatever you're up to.

    Lisa x

  8. Know the feeling.....where is all the time running to? Arrrgggghhhhh Decemeber now, so much to do, really need to get off this computer, but your gorgeous sunshiney pics make my day Jane!

    Hope you manage to get done what needs to be done and see you when you are back on the Teawagon again!!!!!

    Love Vanessa x