Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The post about post

Swapsies with a new flickr pen pal
I was so happy to get this package and I love the little extras paperdolly sent. As I've said before Herman gets all the post round here so its great to see a little parcel peeking out with my name on.....
Also ... Herman won a competition for a years supply of tea bags which considering I am teawagon, its the best prize a girl could wish for :)

( I'm thinking a years supply will probably last me 4 months!!)


  1. Yes, a years worth of tea wouldn't go far in this house... I hope it is loose tea leaves, not those dreadful excuses for tea called teabags..
    :-P !!
    I'm truly in love with your red teapot btw....

  2. It was for tea bags, but I'm not fussy as long as its warm and in a nice cup I'm happy!! (even better if someone makes it for me x)

  3. Put the kettle on and lets have a brew.
    It's what we say round here xxx

  4. Now I know you only live down the road pop the kettle on!
    My fabric arrived safely today thanks.It's lovely.