Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Those yoghurt drinks really are good for you...

Just a quick post, hot on the heels of the T.R.P's.Having just seen Attic24's fantastic T.R family,http:// I thought I'd show you the Y.P.P's.....

These are made from little yoghurt pot bottles and are perfect as they have a shape like a russian doll, depending on which you get.They are really satisfying to make, all you need is tissue paper,pva glue and some crafty things.
Also there is no limit to what you can make with them, we've had Santa's,Pirates,Fairies,Monsters,Robots........ As for toilet rolls I have branched out.......

And take a look at these new stickers from Paperchase, super cute x x x x


  1. Love the toadstool! :)
    Great stickers too! I don't think you ever grow out of stickers, do you, or is that just me?
    Vivienne x

  2. Love the toadstool also! Julie Arkell did one which I totally fell in love with. Your TRP's and YPP's remind me of her work. Awesome!

    I don't think anyone can ever have enough stickers. I went out today and came back with a ton of mini tapes in a whole range of colours and patterns, can never have enough of those too!

    Have a fab day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Ooooooh thanks for that, I just looked her up and you're right she is awesome! I had seen her dolls but didn't know her name....someone else to aspire to...and yes I agree you can never have enough stickers,tapes,notebooks etc x x x x x x x x

  4. as always......another great post. Thanks for introducing me to Juile too! Looked her up and her work is amazing! Love the toadstool house. I really must post on my own blog....its just I spend way to long looking at others! xx

  5. Pretty! Makes me miss my art teacher job :) Thanks for your visit to my blog and sweet words too. Your blog is lovely and I adore the name :)

  6. I've used those (yakult) bottle for dolls before - stick a pressed paper ball on the top and some pipecleaner arms and you can turn them into angels for a christmas decoration - I made 50 of them for the school fair one year!