Friday, 6 August 2010

The post with no name

Rubbish weather and school holidays go together like Morrissey and Marr... what can you do but go out with the dog and get wet A LOT.. or read, watch old films and draw. Surfing the internet for nice birthday treats is always good, as is looking through old photo albums and giggling at the enormous cheeks of your babes, (is it appropriate to tell your children that they used to have 'moobs'!!???)


  1. my vote is that it's perfectly appropriate. my mom always told me how splotchy my skin was, and she joked with my brother about his cone-shaped head that lasted almost a year!

  2. I see that you are also suffering with 'the great British summer'! It's lovely isn't it.
    It is definitely appropriate to tell your children that they have moobs (great word). My daughter constantly gets reminded that she ate all the pies when she was a baby.

  3. yet another gorgoeus blog for me to follow. So much inspiration for me to carry on with mine!
    I've linked your blog onto my blog. I'm soooo loving your crochet bunting. Trying my very best to make one. Have you shared your pattern on your blog?
    Heather x

  4. Oh that really made me smile! Not long now until the lovelies are back at school but I have to admitt it is reeeaaaallllyyy dragging here in my house with this weather.