Tuesday, 5 March 2013

obsession #2..or is it #3..

...a few years ago our house was full of blankets...the crochet kind...granny square...afghan...stripe...I think you get the picture or see here ...if you want to get a better idea...now they are all folded neatly and have been put to one side to make way for a new obsession....

quilts...all these lovely new fabrics and patterns drew me in and I am hooked...

one for a friend :)

the way they look so different to the faded vintage prints I so love using is the best bit....

one for our #2

 ...this also means that my boys don't seem to mind having them around...

the latest one

so now we all have one on our bed...

mine..all mine :)

of course I still love the old florals :)

these throws are reduced at the moment in my shop

I am looking forward to making a few more quilts and then I think I need to move onto something else ...or we will need to move to a bigger house ;-)

hope you are having a happy week x x x x x 


  1. Beautiful (especially mine).
    We NEED to do a Abakhans. I must get started on one.
    Your blog posts make my day. Xxx

  2. Hi Jane -lovely quilts - I have also been drawn into making quilts - I agree they are quite addictive and lots of fun - although I'm not so kenn on putting the layers together x

  3. Your quilts are beautiful Jane ... especially the triangle one ... I am trying to get on with some quilting ... but am slightly terrified of the thought of machine quilting ... not sure I am a competent enough sewist yet ... oh well ... I suppose I won't know until I try :) ... wishing you a lovely week ... Bee xx

  4. What a great thing to have such creative obsessions x Jane

  5. You have the bug! Happy quilting.
    Hen x

  6. They are all so pretty and lovely!! Happy week to you! xo Heather

  7. lovely quilts. i have a soft spot for vintage florals....love that one!


  8. Starting to dabble in piecing here. Don't know if it will lead to the quilting bit.

  9. I can understand your obsession ,they are gorgeous xx

  10. I loved so much all of them, they look wonderful, I want to sew a quilt but I am a novice tailor and I need more time:)

  11. They are all gorgeous! Love the quilt on your bed, so pretty!
    I have been saying for 5 yrs....maybe longer, that I need to make me a quilt!
    Have a lovely day
    Rachel x

  12. I love LOVE quilts. I'm always hunting for vintage ones. If only I was clever enough to be able to make them. I love the throws in your etsy store. x

  13. So gorgeously, subtly coloured. Love them.

  14. I love your quilts! They're akways so happy and colourful!

  15. They say a change is as good as a rest don't they! Looking good! :) x

  16. They are really wonderful Jane...and I'm sure you can sell them if you can't bear to stop making them! I still love the rainbow patchwork blanket I made last year but want to get a bit more adventurous next time...time for triangles! xx