Monday 18 March 2013

happy post... is sunny and this post is all about a happy swap :) last week I did a little fabric swap with the lovely Susi ...her blog is beautiful and full of lovely ideas and tutorials made with young children in go take a peep..

it was supposed to be just a fabric swap but being crafty (not like a fox) types we both added a few my package was this beautiful patchwork mini quilt :)

and this cute painting....perfect . :) so excited was I to receive such lovely things from someone across the seas... the fabrics Susi sent were lovely and I had a few spare hours at the weekend so I made some cushions :)

it's really nice working with fabrics I hadn't had before...I quilted the cushions and then backed them in some black and white gingham...

and then added the obligatory pompoms that seem to be taking over the house at the moment :)

 I can truly recommend swapping :) it made me a very happy bunny indeed x x x