Thursday, 29 November 2012


hello :) I am working on some festive how to's and was planning to post this week.... blogger has decided different however and I can't upload my photo' tutorial is any good without some piccys I feel, so I'll keep trying x x x x
any advice would be most welcome :) x x x


  1. Hi Jane! Have you looked on blogger/google help forum pages? Lots of experts on there to advise you. That's where I always head to when something is wrong! x

  2. Does it say you used up your space? I had that last week. Turns out you get 1G for pictures, for free. After that you can buy extraspace.....
    Or..... You sign up for Google +.
    It's free and as far as I understand it, it is a social media extension on your gmail account. Just signing up did the trick for me and it is just within gmail, so no extra account or password stuff!

    I hope it works out for you- i'm getting curious about those tutorials!


  3. It might be the browser you're using, maybe? I'm finding Blogger quite buggy at the moment unless I'm using Chrome.

  4. Lots and lots of people have been experiencing the same, blogger is looking into the problem! Hope it's fixed soon for you, looking forward to the how tos! :)

  5. Hello dear Jane,

    Oh no!

    I'm using Chrome and it works a lot better, i had
    some problems too a few months ago...
    Please check how much storage you have used in your Picasa Album, because blogger automatically puts all your pictures in an Picasa webalbum.
    You can see how much you've used at the bottom of your Picasa album first page.
    You maybe have to buy some more space, it's easy.

    If it's something else i can't help you :-(
    I hope it will be solved soon...


  6. Hi Jane, Dont worry I have just checked bloggers 'recent issues' post and they are investigating the problem, you are not alone....don't delete anything either....
    Bestest Daisy

  7. I find I can only get blogger to work properly when using Chrome x x x

  8. oh thanks so much I think I may have sorted it now :) you are all fab x x x x x x

  9. These are simply adorable my friend...I love this idea and may just have to make a few..
    Guess you got the photos up ok because I can sure see them! xoxo