Wednesday, 6 June 2012

sun..rain...owls and hula hoops


so...half term is plodding on, the long Jubilee weekend is over and the sun has almost come back out again..I did eat a cream tea and lots of strawberries and I did watch Grace Jones hula-hooping :)
I also did some making...

a little pile of vintage patchy blankets is starting to is 

a little stash of owls..just waiting for their thank you labels...

and a £7 bookshelf gets a wallpaper makeover :)

from dark and dreary to white and flowery....

hope you are having a lovely week..I'm wondering... what you're all up to :)

x x x x x x x


  1. ..and I'm thinking you should be packing! (or finding crackers at the very least!)
    Grace Jones is flamin' 64...HOW! Fair doos.
    See you tomorrow.....fee x

  2. What a lovely colourful blog you have. Loving the cute felt owls and the rather wonderful bookcase makeover!

    Although I am not a fan of her music I am now a fan of her stamina Go Grace Jones. Blimey the woman is a legend.

    We have been having some jubilee fun with a wet BBQ yesterday. But we are British and won't be put off by some right royal downpours! lol.

    P x

  3. I love all those little owls lined cute!
    I have been trying to walk off this winter weight with a friend.....
    I'm thankful for the sunny weather we have been having!

  4. Forget the rain!! And looking photo's on the blogs!! So I like yours'!!! Nice colours.. that makes happy ànd forget the rain and wind.. (here it is just stop raining!)(sun is shining now)(sorry);))

  5. Your bookshelf is amazing!! Looove it!

  6. The hula hooping was odd... I do love your blog :-)

  7. Sweet Jane, I am glad you enjoyed the Jubilee weekend! The owls you made are adorable! You did a wonderful job with the bookcase makeover. It is amazing what white paint can do! xo~Paula

  8. What a lovely, happy, bright post. The owls are lovely, the bookcase make over is brilliant and the sheets cause drooling!
    Carol xx

  9. that bookshelf looks fab!

    Ive never been able to hula hoop...


  10. Just had a lovely evening walk along the river after pub supper- no kids at home so no mad rush back for the babysitter.
    Like the look of those patchy blankets, Ax

  11. Love your sweet owls!! Too cute they are! Your vintage wallpaper is so pretty on your bookcase. So glad you had fun celebrating the Jubilee! xo Heather

  12. OMG! Your owls are just so nice and cute! I will pin them in Pinterest (if you allow)with the link to your blog:)
    Have a nice day!

    1. Thanks :) yes it's ok to pin them, very nice of you to ask xxxx

  13. Love your shelf makeover Jane, hasn't the week flown by, can't believe it's Thursday already! I've been faffing around not achieving much really on the crochet front. Did find a dress my daughter gave me ages ago that need altering so will have a bash at that today. Oh and I painted my toenails a rather trendy pale green ready for the sun!!! LOL!

  14. The vintage wallpaper makeover is really just the best kind isn't it? Only made more lovely by that little family of owls- they look gorgeous all lined up together. melx

  15. Oh I just love visiting you my have started my day off right. Your blankets will be so much fun! Sending you lots of sunshine....we are still waiting for ours. xoxox

  16. deer! i collect deer!!!
    i saw the gorgeous quilt you made on chipper nelly's blog and came by to see what else goes on in your world.
    i feel like i have met a kindred spirit :)
    you would have loved my nan, she was mad on tea trollys

    i will be along again, lots and lots i expect xx

  17. Hi, Jane! Just found your sweet blog via Helen at Moonatruckcreations. Love your owls and bookcase as well :o) Love how you mix the colours.
    Have a nice day
    love from Russia