Tuesday, 19 June 2012

owlies...and a bit of holiday crochet....

Warning...I am going to mention Dorset again.....
another fab thing about that lovely place is its abundance of yarn shops....I hadn't taken any yarn with me 
(I did take a hook though...always be prepared for crochet is my motto!! ) 
but when I stumbled across Stylecraft wool for £1.50 I couldn't resist...I had popped into a very practical shop for light bulbs but before I knew it I was staggering over to the till with many balls of lovely coloured wool....meanwhile the boys...Mr and dog waiting patiently outside in the rain :)

and so another blanket was on it's way....with no books or Internet I just had to make it up as I went along and ended up with a stripey granny type look .....

...I have decided that when it is finished, I am going to call it my Dorset blanket and will no doubt be snuggling under it often and reminiscing :)
I also found some fab vintage hangers in a junk shop so had a go at covering one... 

.....and the Owlies are back..... 

this time they come with a little woven label tag...

thank you or happy birthday :)

they still have their vintage wallpaper and come in a little cello bag....available here

I leave you with a peek at our #1's homework....sunday night before back to school we remembered the Tudor project we were supposed to do....out came the toilet rolls and PVA again....

can you tell who it is????

Happy Tuesday 

x x x x x x 


  1. Absolutely! What an amazing Henry VIII. :)
    I think yarn addicts can sniff out yarn anywhere, even in lightbulb shops. ;)
    Vivienne x

  2. Hi Jane, the blanket colours are lovely, I am sure it will bring you lots of happy Dorset memories. Your children obviously have your creative flair! :)

  3. I thought it was Captain Jack Sparrow! lol ;-)

    Your handmade goodies are so pretty!
    The colours of the blanket are nice and bright, the owlies are cute and i love the crochet covered hanger :-)

    have a nice day! xx

  4. the blanket to-be is beautiful and your owls are cute!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  5. What a fabulous blanket, and loving Henry!
    Victoria xx

  6. I love a good stripey blankie :-) I have this suspicion that I'll start one too, soon.

  7. Beautiful choice of colours for your blanket and top marks for Henry V111!

    Fleur xx

  8. cheerful post
    and it looks like
    captain pugwash to me
    but then again that probably
    says more about my age
    than your groovy chappie
    x ... ***

  9. Lovely colours in your blankie and the little owls are so sweet. Henry is looking mighty fine what great homework to be so creative, I just remember doing sum after sum hearing the children outside playing. I would have loved the creative sort of homework.

  10. I love the colours you have chosen. I must say Henry VIII is looking rather awesome. I teach the Tudors to my class every September. I feel a new project coming on next term...

  11. The owlies are so sweet :-) and the blanket is lovely...

  12. Well, never seen Henery looking quite so slim...

  13. brilliant. Naturally we were also doing said Tudor project on Sunday night and ended up cooking up some tudor bread! (apparently they still haven't eaten it in school...grrrrr!)
    See you tomorrow...where I plead with you not to move to Dorset!!!
    f x

  14. Well it is most certainly Henry VIII, and he is looking wonderful. I am absolutely loving your Dorset blanket. The colors are scrumptious!! XO Helena

  15. Love your crochet blanket! Such pretty colors. I am making some crocheted hangers right now for my shoppe! They are so sweet, and I just love the vintage feel of them. Yours hanger is adorable! Happy Tuesday! xo Heather

  16. I really like the wool colours you have used on the blanket..very pretty!
    Love the Henry toilet roll as well..he turned out fab!
    Magie x

  17. So darling...love your owls and all the joys you share with us. I am soooooo wanting one of your blankets...but none in your little shop..or did I miss them?
    My summer holidays begin next week...pure JOY! xoxoox Hugs to you.

  18. Jane how did I miss these lovely posts....I have been so busy outside in the sun Blogworld has taken a backseat...but I am missing all of you!
    and all this inspiration....

  19. Lovely post, I've just bought a bag of wooden coat hangers so will have a bash at crocheting covers for a couple of them, yours are lovely ... have a fab weekend, Claire xxx

  20. What a lovely post to read, I will have to blog about your blog on my blog (just created) as I adore owls......till next time twit twoo x

  21. What a lovely holiday you had! It is always so thrilling to discover a treasure trove of yarn on such a good sale. *happy sigh* Love how the blankie is turning out. Dorset is the perfect name for it. What a unique holiday memento!

  22. Henry the VIII is brilliant! Bet his teacher was bowled over.

    I would never have but those colours together for a blanket, I'm a bit scared of yellow. The grey looks fantastic. It is a sensational blanket. I'm sounding arse licky but you are supppppper duppper at colour choosing. Maybe you'll choose my next blanket spectrum!


  23. Loving the blanket - what a great holiday pressie! Please please please detail more of the lovely Dorset yarn shops... I'm taking a road trip down soon! x Maggie x x x

    1. Ooh take me with you... I could show you in person then xxxx
      My bargain style craft wool came from Dorchester..a funny shop called Wellchesters??? Very like Woolworths...then there was a lovely yarn shop in Bridport...can't remember the name but it was just down from the Girls Own store...
      Have Fun x

  24. Love how you've striped those colours together Jane and your sweet hanger is perfecto.

    Enery (Babs Windsor voice needed) made me giggle. Bet he went down well at school.


  25. I love this...I think I might have to have a shed...it would definitely be a better idea than another caravan...the neighbours already think we are gypsys lol...

    Love your deco...we must be sista's separated at birth :)

    Love Happy xx