Sunday, 24 June 2012

a little share here and there....

...a quick little post on a sunday eve... to share some lovely finds...
first up is Katie Kitty who has come to live with us, and as our little dog Arnie like to chase cats she lives with me on high shelf in the workshed :) Katie is lovingly made by a very lovely new bloggy friend  oooh betty  and now comes in her own little vintagey retro style box..very cute!

....then there was the gorgeous stripey rose cushion I received from lovely Helena ....this was a little swap we decided to do from our etsy sites and I have to say I couldn't be happier, I love Helenas' choice of fabrics and fabby green pompom trim :)

..then there is my haul from Dorset.....I was so happy to find some of these fabrics..and that cute Rose biscuit tin ( came complete with mouldy biscuit crumbs! ) The Mandy Annual was my holiday reading as I had forgotten a book.... much fun reading about Bonnie and her pole vaulting boyfriend :) I found some more lovely sheets I chopped some up and popped them in the shop, but they have gone now...I will try and list some more this week if I can bring myself to pick up the scissors again...chopping fabric makes your thumbs hurt!

...also thanks to the new fabrics and lots of chopping going on I managed to finish my patchy blankets and have now listed them in the shop...

hope the week ahead is bright and fun and full of sun :)

x x x x x x x x


  1. Such lovely finds and swaps! I have to say that I am loving my new rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler - a bit of an investment but worth it for the saving of my thumbs! :) Rachel

    1. ah yes I did think of that, but was a bit scared of the cutter...had visions of losing a finger :)

  2. Hi

    Love all the gorgeous vintage fabrics - also you have a lovely blog! :-)

  3. Do give a rotary cutter a whirl. You will be so delighted. Not much difference in price than a very good pair of scissors.

    I am a new reader and have such a crush on your blog and your photos. Yummy eye candy.

  4. Oh, what lovely sheets. I mnaged to scrounge a few off my granny, and need to make some creative plan with it.
    Your stripey rose cushio is just the best, with the green pompoms. I love something unexpected like that.

  5. Love all your sweet goodies! Katie Kitty is too cute! Your patchy blanket is beautiful! Wishing you a lovely week! xo Heather

  6. Katie Kitty is so sweet and the sheets so pretty. Ah the Mandy that brings back memories!

  7. Yummy goodness, as usual! I loved Mandy comics as a child, before that it was Twinkle- I am still a magazine well as vintage sheets, wallpaper, buttons......obviously always had a lean towards addictions, well I suppose there could be worse things! :)

  8. Wow what a great swap i love the tins and the fabrics and book you were given ;-) I know what you mean about chopping up lots of fabrics it does make your thumbs hurt and also it gets a bit boring at times. Katie kitty is gorgeous she remind's me of a rag doll i used to have when i was little i never went anywhere without her sadly i don't know what happened to her. Have a lovely week, dee xx

  9. I would be such a bad person and want to steal things if I came to yours you know. Each time you post a pic I think I want I want. Loving that radio and well your Kitty is luvverly.

    Then theres your patchy. Inspired me to try out brickwork type patchy with your bits and bobs - might go wrong and then I'll rethink.

    Lisa X

  10. wow wow wow wow wow - i love your blog! I can't love it enough - the pictures are so lovely and your ideas are fab!

    Kate xxx

  11. The fabric in the last two photos are absolutely gorgeous and green pom pom trim looks so cute on your new cushion. I used to have the same trim in pink but I think I've used it all up. Need to buy some more!

  12. Beautiful finds and swaps!
    Victoria xx

  13. I agree you found some wonderful happy filled items along with fabulous swaps.....what a sweet kitty!

  14. Hi there.....I've just stumbled into your blog this week.....and its just lovely....your photos, the colours, your fabrics......your shed.......all just simply delightful.....and that little patchy blanket is so sweet......I also took the liberty of popping over to your shop for a little looky-see.....ooooh your crochet bunting is so you sell the crochet pattern for the granny square......I've been wanting to try a granny square for a while now, but aren't too fussed with the traditional pattern....but yours is perfect......I thuink I'll have to treat myself to some of your lovely fabric and wallpaper pieces soon too.....once I've saved some pennies.....hope the sun shines for you this week.....Sassybelle -xxx-

  15. Thankyou :-)
    I haven't done a crochet pattern as yet this space though,you never know :)
    Have fun in the sun