Tuesday, 7 February 2012


making me smile today are .......... loving Pip's pretty prints and florals.....

and then finding that 'Primark' have done their own version :)

very cute...towels...cushions and bedding  ......

.. guess who doesn't iron their sheets ;)  

 vintage sheets v bright new spotty ...I can't decide :)

x x x x x x x x x x x 


  1. ooooh I love Pip Studio (but not the price tag!) so will be checking out Primark for sure - thanks for sharing :o) Scarlett x

  2. The towels on the bath remind me so much of my grandmother's house when they lived in the country. Miss those days and those towels!

  3. The two towels are so sweet. Pip Studio things are very expensive ... also in Europe ;o(.
    LG Kerstin

  4. I just adore PIP, have a growing collection ;) can't believe Primark do such nice things sometimes! I don't iron my sheets either :) he he

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. I love PIP STUDIO.....these are amazing...love these dots!
    who has time to iron sheets....not me thats for sure!

  6. You don't have to decide, just have both!!! :-)

  7. I nearly went into overdrive when I saw Primark had brought out very PiP-esque items. I love PiP, but the prices are steep.

    Love the bedding.......and only someone with TOO MUCH time on their hands irons sheets! I must be one very busy lady then! ha ha!


  8. Ooops! Another trip into town me thinks! xxx

  9. I love PIP but have never managed to buy anything as it's soooo expensive but I saw this in Primark last week and bought the towels and a blanket. Funnily I already have the bedding as I got that in Primark before christmas, they'd only had one set which just happened to be king size and for some reason it was reduced?? so only cost me £10!! Don't you love primark!!

  10. had my eye on those very towels (decided the whole bathroom colour scheme needed changing to better suit them!)
    Missing you this week - list too long for nice cups of tea with best friends!

  11. Life is too short to iron sheets :)
    Absolutely adore Pip Studio designs but they are so expensive! Definitely going to pop into Primark this week for a little look! xxx

  12. Love love primark! Who irons sheets?!! Can't decide between spotty or vintage - think everyone just needs a little bit of both! Thank you for the cd recommendation x

  13. Oooo Primark who would have thought, we shall all be stampeding down there won't we!

  14. Ironing sheets? We're lucky if they get washed round here!
    I got a couple of PIP towels half price in the John Lewis sale but no one's allowed to use them yet.

  15. Oh bloody hell. Now I am just going to have to go to Primarni tomorrow. I wish I hadn't read this...!

  16. You should get a cut as Primark sales soar. I think I'll be sending my students off early so I can pop in for a quick look see.


  17. ooh i haven't seen this before, thanks for the heads up.
    Well done Primark!! ;)
    Jessie. xo

  18. Mouth drops open, Primark here I come......... love Pip Studios but not the prices!
    Carol xx

  19. I saw the duvet sets in Primark but not the towels. How gorgeous are they. Must nip and get some if there are any left!