Friday, 24 February 2012

bye for a little while.....

after a few hectic weeks of trying to keep up with homelife....working for myself I realised something has to give...I think this is a familiar theme among most of us these days..

so yesterday when the sun came out...I sat down with a cup of tea and had a think....

not for too long.... just enough to realise that I maybe should have a little break from blogging for a wee while just to give myself some headspace....

and to get my head around this  

and spend some time making and playing and laughing and organising

 I'll be back with a spring in my step soon:)

Happy Friday
x x x x x


  1. Oh my dear Jane,

    I hope you will enjoy your break, i will miss you though...
    I just received your lovely package!...did not open it yet, but it looks very lovely already!
    Thank you, you are so sweet :-)

    xxsee you soon!

  2. How wise. Life gets busy and choices have to be made - the boys are only small for a while and you know we will all be here when you return! Happy blog break my inspirational shed lady and I love love the package I bought from you xxx

  3. Well I will surely miss your gorgeously gorgeous posts that brighten up my days no end.......but have a great break away and will be lovely to see you when you are back!

    Have a super duper weekend

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Be sure to hurry back with lots of lovely colourful makes to share!
    I've just had to order the material girl poster.

  5. Hope you have a productive and restful break but don't stay away too long sweetie :) take care.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. So sorry to read this but real life is more important and we will always be here when you have the time to return. Enjoy and have fun and i hope life settles down for you real soon. Take care, dee x

  7. I will miss you my Dear. I know I haven't been commenting much but I still read all of your lovely posts.
    I know what you mean about needing a break. Mine has been almost a year!
    Take of yourself. Have fun.
    Love Emma x
    PS. Love the poster, just need to think where I can put one. x

  8. Awwww come back soon, you'll be missed. I usually like to wait until you've posted a few posts, then sit with a cup of coffee and something sweet and trawl happily through your posts, marvelling at your beautiful makes! Hope you have a productive time off. xx

  9. Hello, don't worry we will all be here when you get back! Have a really good 'rest' and I look forward to seeing what that 'spring' in your step looks like! :)

  10. Oh enjoy your break...I think mine is coming soon too! Hugs and I spy a cushion cover I adore in your to take a peek. Love to you....see you when you are back!

  11. Good for you. Enjoy and good luck on your new venture... I might pop in to bomb you with questions on how you made it happened after... :D

  12. Love the bag, is that the one you did for Molly Makes? In which case I just made it and blogged about it yesterday so Thanks.
    Have a good break.

  13. Hope you enjoy your blogging break. It's good to take a step away sometimes and get on with other things. Will look forward to your colourful posts when you return.

  14. You will be missed but it's a wise woman who knows when to step back and focus on other things!!

    Enjoy your time away!! :)

  15. Hi, the pattern was really easy to follow and I think i've inspired others to make one of your bags! I've had lots of comments about mine already. The ones you've made look fab!

  16. I shall miss your lovely bright posts no end.

  17. Enjoy your break - but don't stay away for too long (I'll miss your lovely, cheerful posts).
    I love the bags - what gorgeous fabrics you picked out!!!

  18. Good idea Jane. It's just about keeping sane and working out what you can do. See you soon.

    Lisa X

  19. Hi Jane! it was a plesure to give you the award! have a nice week, Amelita :)

  20. Hope you're back soon although everyone needs a break sometimes. Take care, Maggie xx

  21. Clever you. Of course you'll be missed but that'll just make the heart grow fonder.

    You enjoy your real life, cyberspace can wait.


  22. I hope you have a lovely well deserved break, I will miss your gorgeous happy posts!

    Take care

    when you do come back all rested could you tell me where you get your labels for all the gorgeous things you make I would love nice labels on my cushions it looks more professional!

  23. Enjoy your break, we'll be here when you get back.
    Carol xx

  24. Enjoy your well deserved break...we shall miss you!

  25. This is the type of bag that I saw the tutorial of in Molly Makes right? I really like it! And I'm really going to try and make one too. Thank you for the inspiration.

  26. Eeeek! So happy to have found your lovely blog! :) Even if you are taking a little well deserved break...I'm excited to be here just the same. I look forward to your return...but in the meantime wanted to congratulate you on your win over at Selina's blog. I hope you enjoy your copy of the book as much as I have been. Nice to "meet" you...and I love your work!