Friday, 17 February 2012

boy stuff.........

by the Teawagon Boys

We thought it would be nice to give you some inspiration for the half term holidays.
So here are some of our ideas which were inspired by the Muppets film which we went to
 see with our dad this weekend.

Here is how we made them
1. design your characters 

2.collect bright coloured felt , pom poms and buttons , stuffing etc
3.cut out shapes ( body and head)

4.  sew the felt together leaving a gap for stuffing on details such as eyes or hair
6.push stuffing deep in with rubber end of pencil(not to fat)

7. sew up the gap and finish the details like noses and buttons

all photos by #1

And viola! there you  have your fun cute characters!!!
we thought we might put at least one boy like thing on here and
mum let us loose on her blog : )
we hope you enjoyed our holiday tutorial from the 
Teawagon boys aged ten and nine
have a nice weekend


  1. Capital A the little bandits...

  2. Glad you managed to get on here to show you've picked up a thing or two from your talented mum. Great designs and colours. I was really impressed and will definately show my girls aged very nearly 10 and 11 to give them making ideas.


  3. Your boys are super talented just their mum they are fab ;-)) Well done, dee x

  4. brilliant! thanks for the excellent tutorial - will be sharing this with my 2 boys!

  5. My nine and eight year old have been making puppets this week - such a fab time both making and all the puppet showing - love half term!

  6. You boys did a great job!...did i see Beaker coming by? funny!!

    well done, have a nice weekend too and give your mother a kiss xx

  7. Wow, you sneaky little teawagon boys, hijacking the blog like that. Lovely to see some boy makes. I think you've done really well and deserve a treat!
    Ellie - who mostly makes girly stuff

  8. Great work, boys!! Maybe you two can start your own blog ;-)

    Happy Weekend!

  9. The Boy stuff rocks... I think your mum should be very worried about her competition....
    My boy is very impressed.

    Now are you going to try & make Fuzzy's fa*t shoes???


  10. These are wonderful! Makes me wish my boys were still little (they're 22 and 21!) :) Maggie xx

  11. Very cute boys! My boys like to make felt creatures too - but they are mostly Mario characters. :-)

  12. Well Teawagon boys that was a fabulous tutorial and perfect for half term fun, if my big boys were younger they would have enjoyed making these gorgeous folk!
    Have you though of having your own blog LOL!

  13. well done boyos!
    VERY good work.
    Off to show your pals around here - and remind Alfie that he owes me a post....
    fee x

  14. What a fabulous tutorial, my 7 year old son will be very inspired! xo

  15. Oh my these little guys are adorable! Happy new week to you my friend. xoxxo

  16. Well Done Teawagon Boys!!!!! What an Excellent tutorial and idea. My boys would love to have a go at doing something just like this, so thank you so much for posting this.


  17. We did something similar to this a while back - only based on Ugly Dolls. They came out GREAT! My kids were so proud of themselves...Love this idea!!