Sunday, 4 September 2011


.....there is no doubt that I live in a house full of boys ....

it makes me chuckle to spot who is lurking among the girliness

.....we have been away on our summer jollies....... there was sunshine and sea and lots of this.....

I got a bit homesick though and felt a little out of sorts which isn't like me..
.....this never came out of the bag!!?? ( I think I was missing my bed..and my shed )

but we did have a lovely time, met up with  friends  and managed to visit our favourite spot.....

such a lovely place and as we went late on our way back home it was so quiet and peaceful...
just what was needed :)'s back to school next week so I am hoping to get lots of sewing and chopping done to stock up the littleteawagon....... 
I feel a nip in the air and sense my favourite time of year is fast approaching....

x x x happy sunday x x x
PS hello and thankyou to new followers and commenter's:)  I will get round to catching up with you soon x


  1. Glad you had a lovely holiday, and that you are also pleased to be home again :-)

  2. holidaying with boys can be full on, especially when all they want to do is play football in the park/beach - I always get a lot of reading done - back to school this week?

  3. I love, love, love Portmeirion. We nearly didn't go when we realised we had to pay to get in. I'm so glad we did as seven years on I still dream about the place, it is magical. I did a painting which hangs on our lounge wall which I'm not sure I would part with for any money. I would love to go back, just me an my hubby so I could soak it all in again.

  4. hold on....are you saying you went to Portmerion AND the ice cream shop after we'd gone????
    Such a lovely day with you...don't tell the boys but it was the nicest day of my holiday!
    fee x
    chips + beach + lovely friends + happy boys =heaven!

  5. Oh yes.....two boys and holidays are simply not a peaceful break away anymore. It is non-stop fun!! I spent last week in Abersoch with my boys and was in Portmeirion on Monday. It was the first time I have been and I have fallen head over heels in love with the place. ax

  6. Hi Jane,
    great post, love the Lego amongst the pink!!
    Glad u had a nice holiday, but there is nothing like being back crafting hey!!
    Kate :)

  7. I once found an empty snail shell by the kettle. I blogged about it. Oh the fun there is to be had when you're the only girl in the house! The THINGS I find lurking about. It's hilarious.


  8. I live in a houseful of boys too - I reckon my love of pink and florals is partly a reaction to all the testosterone!!

    S x

  9. That looks like a gorgeous holiday, and I love batman lurking!

  10. Looks like a lovely holiday ;-)) I know what you mean about living with boys ;-)) bless them. Love those fabrics and your spotty tins. Have a lovely week, dee x

  11. Tee hee!
    My house is a bit like that, with Lego and transformers lurking amongst the pretty things.
    Hope you're feeling back to yourself.
    Have a great week.

  12. What fun..sometimes my poor husband is out numbered...lots of girly girl stuff around to visit your shop. oxox

  13. Haha, exactly like that in this house, full of lego men in odd places!
    Sally x

  14. I remember those days only I would find dinosaurs lurking everywhere....and yes its always fun to leave but theres no place like home!

  15. Happy September. Haven't been to Portmerrion for years. You have wet my appetite to return. x

  16. It looks like you had a lovely holiday, welcome home :) just found your blog and thought I'd stop by to say 'hello'! x

  17. Ooh, I've always wanted to go to Portmeirion, it looks such a magical place.