Friday, 16 September 2011


despite what I said in my last post....I would never make a builder..........
(check out the pally wally tea for proof )
also the 'change' I mentioned could be that I almost had 2 fingers missing after this weeks antics with a small saw and some plasterboard!!!.......but I'm getting to the good bits now....

Happy Friday  
(where has this week gone???)



  1. Hey you! You are obviously a danger to yourself! Put those sharp tools down!
    I hope you have heating in there!

  2. I just can't wait for more,and oh my what lovely wallpaper.....looks so sweet from here.....your more likely to get a splinter, I'm a baby when it comes to these! have a great weekend Jane!

  3. Are you building your own Mossy Shed??? That wallpaper looks Lovely!! :-)

  4. Love the wallpaper.Oh my yes I agree where did the week go? LOL

  5. well, it went without our little cup of tea together (not that pale stuff I see in your mug though!)
    Loving your shed - looking forward to taking our tea in there soon - trust you will be serving it on a trolley???
    see you at the vintage fair - can't wait
    fee x

  6. Just make sure it's not your making stuff fingers you chop off if you start saw waving again.


  7. That wallpaper is gorgeous, specially the blue and green swirly pattern. I neeeeed that for my kitchen shelves, where did you find it?
    Don't tell anyone but I have a very soft spot for steel toecap boots and hammers, I even have a favourite one, all old and worn! ♥

  8. Hi Jane
    1) I just love your blog
    2) I have more than a hint of shed envy
    3) I'm going to be keeping an eager eye out for the postman next week because I just bought your beautiful owl applique (yippee!)
    Emily x
    4) I'm actually not a stalker, although I now realise I sound like one...

  9. Be careful Jane! watch your useful fingers!
    I love your shed-moves....
    and i have a little surprise for you my dear!