Thursday, 8 September 2011

making time for making :).......

not much going on here at the moment...just catching up with things
shed progress has stopped for a while due to a sore tooth... meaning my very small budget was used up on painful dentistry....ouch!

but I am working on getting it finished before the end of the month and then I can move in...yay
(I'll never be seen again!!!!)

so having a bit of time to myself again...means making again and that makes me very happy indeed...

........some new little garlands for the shop

the cogs are turning in my tiny ideas...projects....more time...more time :)

Hope you're having a good week...

x x x x x x x


  1. sure am my lovely friend - all the better for having time with you in it!
    Was that a little smulcshy? (how the heck do you spell that word you know I mean?)

    Glad your cogs are rolling...mine appear to be jammed!
    fee x
    (lack of chocolate may be the cause)

  2. Sorry about the tooth. Hope it mends soon and that no more shed dosh has to be used. Ax

  3. Rolling cogs are the best! :-)

  4. Loving your creativeness! It's a nice feeling making isn't it?!

    Sorry about the tooth....anything toothy and hurty is never a good thing, hope it's all on the mend and you can makey some more!


  5. Hope ur tooth pain gets better soon

  6. New ideas and projects are great fun ;-)) Enjoy, dee x

  7. That's no good about your poor tooth :( but good about having time to make things! :)
    Kate, Australia

  8. Hope your tooth will be better soon and that you can move in soon!
    My budget is also very small at the moment...but i'll be ordering some pretties as soon as i can, i already have spotted some faves in your lovely shop :-)

    Take care! x

  9. Hope your tooth is better now.

    Keep those cogs turning, and have a good weekend.

  10. Ouch....sorry about that tooth of yours...not much fun at all...sending you lots of hugs and happy creating times. xo

  11. Hope your tooth feels better soon. Enjoy your ideas and creating again bee x

  12. Those garlands look adorable!! I hope the tooth problem is sorted. It must have been horrible for you.
    Have a great weekend,
    Anne xx

  13. It kills me to spend money on teeth and my poor hubby has to get to the dentist, He is in so much pain. I can't wait till we get to see your shed all decorated....soon!

  14. Such lovely things you have been making..
    Good luck with future shed action!!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  15. Ooooh!! This is lovely bunting - I'm not sure how I've only just come across you but hello! :-)

    Jem xXx

  16. Forgot to mention: I love your new Favicon! :-)
    I've been to the dentist at least 9 times so far this year and a few more visits to follow so i can feel your pain... Keep breathing!

  17. Oh my sorry to hear about the tooth.Its very painful I do know and soo expensive.But keep smiling and creating.Things are lovely here,you make lovely creations.

    Have a nice weekend!

  18. It's hard spending money on certain things. I tend to procrastinate in that department. I'd rather spend it on colourful fabric myself as many of us would. Hope the dentistry is over with for now. I'm looking forward to seeing the shed!