Saturday, 10 September 2011

a change is as good as ...a ..something....

I find myself all alone today...apart from Arnie who is too busy snoring in his bed to notice me :) 
so I am trying to make a to do list which is as long as my ....well my yard stick at least... 
I feel a change coming ....not sure what yet... but something is afoot..( love that word!)

yesterday you could have found me in the local D I Y store with a pencil behind my ear again...a flowery tape measure and lots of saws and blades and tacks and pins...looking very much 'in the know' 
(not really but trying very hard!!) 
I am in my element in such another life I would have been a builder...I've already expressed my love of power tools on here but it got me in a bit of trouble so I won't say too much :)

maybe that's what the change is ....... I leave behind my life of vintage sheets and crochet .....and swap it for the world of steel toe boots and tool belts..... 
I like it ....
aah but then maybe not :)

Happy Saturday....

x x x x x x x x

PS the crochet frames are from the pattern in molliemakes...


  1. Can't wait to see what you're up to Jane! I hear you with those alone-days, mine are often spent alone for up to 12 hours! Bleegh... I also make enormous lists, making sure to keep busy. I still want to re-start the crochet thing but is still too scary! :-)

  2. I am like you...I know when change is coming and can feel it in my is always such an exciting time for me even when I am not sure what it that change that feeling. Your work is to check out your shop once again...I think I really do visit it the most! Love your owl....LOVE IT...hugs to you and happy creating.xoxoxxo

  3. Afoot is a wonderful word - conjures images of all sorts of tomfoolery, skullduggery and possibility doesn't it? :-)

    I'm fairly keen on power tools!

    Jem xXx

  4. Just so long as you blog about whatever you find yourself doing then I'll be happy!


  5. i love your stitching and crochet! I am yet to try the lola nova pattern. Cant see what you get up too xo

  6. I have great memories of being a wee thing and trailing round behind my pa in diy shops and builders merchants. Hope the sheddage is going strong... Am inspired by your stitching. Love it. Happy Saturday, Ax

  7. Your blog i so lovely i love reading through your posts and your homemakes are adorable i love all of it, you very inspiring

  8. Oh I know what you mean I feel changes coming and they are always postive well almost LOL.I adore those crochet frames,soooo adorable.You work is lovely,nice to visit you.

    Happy sunday ahead!

  9. Me too with the tools. Mr went to buy me a new drill recently and was really put out when the guy in the shop thought he might actually be interested in using it.

    Like the sound of you beavering away with new ideas and stuff. I'll wait for the show and tell.


  10. Power tools ....i can't wait to see whats a foot! so excited.... change can be so fun!

  11. hey,
    how is is sunday already?
    you know I'm a fan of a powertool! I'll share my chopsaw with you...but you have to wear the safety glasses! (Granny says so)
    have a good day - looks like the sun is out for us
    fee x

  12. I'm the main DIY-er in our house too! Love your little owl, he's adorable!

  13. Maybe it's that time of year. I feel like I am changing.....and not sure into what! Like walking down a new path, wanting to try something new. I hate change though, it's always scary, but that's good sometimes!

    A builder hey? Hate to think what I could have been in another life! xxxxx

  14. Oooh how intriguing!
    i LOVE your cute
    jooles x

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