Monday, 26 September 2011


In between all the shed activity (thankyou all for your lovely kind and encouraging words)
I managed to squeeze in a birthday :)
I was well and truly treated this weekend.........

I am indulged in my love of old globes, vintage, radios and books.........

and another friend to join the menagerie of light up animals :)

the decorations made me giggle......heart shaped balloons which looked very much like something else...much to the boys amusement!
 I am only hoping that this isn't the shape of things to come...a before and after type of scenario if you know what I mean :)

tommorrow is our wedding anniversary, 14 years ago since I tiptoed in my Doc Martins and Tiara down the aisle to marry my best friend...our wedding favors were homemade cookies iced with our initials and we danced to our friends band and mix tapes into the early hours.....we are going off into the woods for a picnic to celebrate and make the most of the lovely sun :) :) :)

Happy Monday 
x x x x x xx


  1. Jane, congratulations!:two times!...and will not be this shape...that's not possible when you just turned 35 ;-)
    Lots of love for you and your 'best friend'!


  2. Wow miss Jane!! Congratulations for your birthday and also for your anniversary. What a happy time!! Doc martins and a tiara?? you wild thing!! How much I love finding out little bits and pieces about a new friend. What fun. Mwah!

  3. Double congratulations Jane. Hope you have a lovely picnic, it is forecast to stay beautiful and sunny.
    My husband likes globes and I found a nice one in charity shop so that has been put away for his birthday. I spy a Dottie Angel notebook and I think your light up duck is wonderfully quackers.
    Carol xx

  4. Lovely pressies. Congrats on the anniversary, that's a great achievement.
    Hen x

  5. Happy Birthday and Anniversary!
    I was in the library flicking through a book called 'shed chic' or some such. None of the featured sheds were as fabulous as yours.
    In case you haven't seen it - 6music, 9pm tonight is a Smiths special.

  6. Happy Birthday and Anniversary my sweet friend...pure joy happening over there. Love your duck that made me smile this sleepy Monday morning. Hugs and happy picnicking!


  7. Congratulations and enjoy your day x

  8. Oh such happy ocassions are all together.Happy Birthday to you.A very happy Anniversary as well.Enjoy!

  9. Warmest wishes to you birthday girl. Have fun in the woods tommorow, don't get lost though.

    My feet are 8 and a half by the way, bet yours aren't that huge.

    Good luck keeping your boosies pumped up for the next fifty years or so.

    Lisa X

  10. Photo's of wedding and boots please!!

    Happy Birthday! Oh I love birthdays. But each birthday I have my bazookas look more and more like the balloon on the left. Hey ho!


  11. aaawww Happy birthday ;-)) You had some beautiful presents i love the duck lamp so cute. And happy Anniversary to, for the both of you. Doc martins and a tiara sound wonderful to me ;-)) Enjoy your picnic. dee xx

  12. Ohhhh, happy birthday and anniversary too!!
    Tee hee- giggled at your balloon photos...
    ...and I love your duck-light- too cute!
    Have a great week.

  13. Love the balloon photo - it looks like boobs during pregnancy and then post-breastfeeding to me! (Sob)
    Happy bday/anniversary - hope the picnic was luvverly
    Emily x

  14. Happy anniversary! I would love to get married in my Doc Martins :)

  15. I am so impressed that you were married in DM's- that is cool. Happy anniversary, and happy birthday too. xxx

  16. Awwww glad you had a fab Birthday Jane.....and many congratulations for your Anniversary, hope you have a super duper day too!

    Laughing so much at the balloons! It's such a boy thing. I bought some little love heart night lights and the boys called them bum lights. I can't look at them without seeing bums now instead of cute little hearts, typical!


  17. Such lovely gifts, you are very lucky!
    Happy anniversary, I hope you have a great day. At least the weather is lovely for once.

  18. Congratulations on your anniversary, I bet you were soooo cute!
    I adore your new treasures that duck is my favorite......have a great rest of the week Momma!

  19. Happy Birthday to you!! Fab gifts, esp love the vintage radio and the light-up duck. Am tres envious.

    Congratulations on the wedding anniversary too - would love to see some photos. How cool, DMs and a tiara! Hope you wore something else too though ;-)

    I've been missing your posts for some reason... going back to my blog to investigate.

    Nicki xx

  20. A bit belated I know, but happy birthday and anniversary!

  21. So many reasons to celebrate! Happy belated birthday and happy anniversary!