Tuesday, 16 August 2011

treats :) ..........

..week 3 of the summer hols ( yes I am counting ) things are calming down a bit now, I have to say the boys were beyond hyper when they first broke up and I truly wondered if it was ever going to ease up.... but we had a little jolly over to my lovely Mums in Yorkshire and it seems to have done the trick.....

I took my crochet and Mr H brought a book, the boys spent everyday outside with their new friends, building dens, climbing trees, biking, running and chasing......

I even got to do a bit of shopping on my own and treated myself to some new fabric for a little project I am thinking of.....
(shed related obviously)

and I also spotted some lovely yarn in Boyes.......now bearing in mind I do like a noodle round the shops but in school holidays I always have 1 or 2 boys plus a dog with me that's not too easy to pull off.... so I LOVE a shop that sells everything...where else could I have bought

*lovely stylecraft wool 
*a swimming hat 
*a waterproof padlock  
*pretty rose bud and gingham fabrics 
*hairdressing scissors  
*dog food  

........random but brilliant :)

Thankyou for your kind words about the 'shed'
it is a very humble little dwelling and still has yet to get a proper roof but you can find me gazing at it lovingly from the kitchen window when I should be making dinner :)

hope you are having a lovely week
x x x x x x x x x x 

**note added : I knew as soon as I wrote it that it would come back and bite me on the bum, but the calm didn't last long.... just as I pressed publish.. there was a big bang.....which was apparently a little 'tiff' and a broken bed  :) :) :) I keep smiling ...I enjoyed it while it lasted x


  1. I always find it takes a little while for my three boys to settle when the hols begin, but it sounds like all the 'boysy' activities were just the ticket, especially if it gave you time to crochet! Your yarns and materials all look lovely, that's a pretty impressive shop that sells all that stuff, is that for real?

  2. Boyes - thats a blast from the past! I spent the 4 years of my childhood living in Guisborough and always loved going into Boyes to spend my pocket money!

  3. Ho Ho - when will any of us ever learn not to talk it up jane. Last week we said halfway through the day how well the girls play together. Cue bloodcurdling screams and yelling two seconds after.

    Are the swimming hat and waterproof padlock anything to do with each other? Bit of bad weather coming your way?

    Love your shopping trip all under one roof. On Monday I packed their lunch and parked outside the fabric and yarn shop. Left them happily munching while I went for a ten minute round of no interupting bliss browsing. Love holidays, but far too much compromising going on for my liking. Even have Eldest down every night as she can't sleep. So watch safe TV and us on best behaviour. Where did we go so wrong that they're in charge? Mind you dragging them to car boot tommorow which they hate - ha ha.

    Moan over. Can't wait to see that shed. Know you'll make it delicious.


  4. What lovely treats, sounds like you deserve them! :) bee x

  5. So glad you got to do some shopping ALL by yourself and lovely purchases you've made too. I'm wondering if you could get your boys doing some housework for you...cleaning the toilet and bathroom. Set them to work, I'm sure they can wash dishes, sweep a floor etc. My sister does this to her kids when they start fighting, it shuts them up very quickly. He, he. :)
    Good luck!!!
    Anne xx

  6. Would it be mean to say my Biscuits went back to school today. Bless Scottish school holidays!! xx

  7. The kids start school next Tuesday...should I be this excited....I know what you mean Its been banging in my house for the last 3 months!
    This time goes by so fast, drink tea and enjoy!

  8. What lovely purchases I see there! :-)
    We have a little less than 2 weeks to go before school starts but my kids are big now (teenagers) and I will actually miss them...

  9. Love your little bits of sweet wool...I am in love with the stuff..can't stop buying it...and I don't even knit. Silly me...a total addiction..soon I will be hiding it under my bed! Love the colours. xoxo

    Hugs to you.


  10. just met your blog! such a lovely COLOURFUL funny and sweet inspiring place :)
    Love all your pics and crafts!

    hugs federica

  11. loving ur treats, looks like you got ur hand full with ur boys :) , cant wait to see when the shed finished!

    x susan

  12. Smile and wave, smile and wave. I lurve the fabric you chose in amongst the random purchases. I love that kind of shopping. Ax

  13. I love those fabrics, especially the flowered ones.

  14. Sounds like a brilliant shop! I stocked up on plain coloured yarns last year in b&m n got a lasagne dish, jars and Christmas decorations lol

  15. Ooooh I need a shop just like that near me!

    I know what you mean, I just don't shop 'full stop' in the summer hols. It's far too stressful. The eldest never keeps up and then bickers with the middle one. The youngest one just runs everywhere. I can't even stay at a till long enough to swipe a card, so I just don't bother. Come september I am chomping at the bit to get into a shop and spend my time browsing!

    I was dreading the start of these holidays as the eldest two had been grounded. I was thinking it would be more of a punishment to myself than them. However, they have been surprisingly good so far. Minimal bickering. Mind you, it could be due to the fact that I have agreed that for every week of great behaviour they can get one bit of gadget back. I am thinking that by the time they earn it all back it will be the start of term again and then weekday restrictions apply! ha ha! Such a cruel woman!

    I never fail to be cheered up when I pop on over here. Your blog Jane is truly, truly gorgeous.......................xxxxx

  16. Well it's chaos in Cuckoo Land currently. My throat is constantly a little sore. I keep thinking I'm coming down with something then I realise I have had to scream shout at one of the boys for something vile they have done to the other one! Luckily it is interspersed with them being gorgeous.

    I really would like a shed, Mr C has said I can have his study but he keeps going very quiet when I ask when he'll move his kit out. Maybe the shed is more realistic. It's just getting Mr Purse Strings to fork out for one.

    I think it was very sensible of you to make a curtain. I mean that is the first thing one should do when faced with boring insulating shopping.


  17. When my kids are hyper I try to get them to do sports outside or do school work. When they are crazy they need to be directed to better ways to handle their energizer.