Thursday, 25 August 2011



a little too late I realise that summer is almost over and I have spent far too much time staring at a screen or stressing over a shed I take a little step back and make the most of what is left of our school I slow down..... I stop to look at the things making me smile today.....

new crochet..some of these I made earlier this year but kind of forgot about :)

my favourite sheets made into little patchwork blankets, I can't wait to use these :)

lots of pretty bunting for the disguise the fact that I haven't had time to plant any nice summer flowers this year :)

and getting the boys to bake with me......I had to promise I would make lego biscuits....hence the yellow icing and they were gobbled up too quick to get a pic :)

hope you are having lovely week

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

PS. I have to add ..... my time staring at these lovely piles is short and mostly I am trying to keep up with boys on bikes with scary road sense while trying to stop the dog from eating a 5 day old bacon sandwich that he (always) finds on the way in to the village :)


  1. Lovely pics.
    There's just no time to slow down in the holidays, is there?!
    Your comment about boys on bikes made me laugh- my little one has just learned to ride and cannot, it seems, navigate a straight path anywhere. I spend most of my time screeching at him to 'mind that lady' or 'watch out for the lamp posts' or 'for goodness sake, LOOOOOOK where you're going...'
    Am hoping things improve soon!

  2. Summer holidays...have we had summer? ;-) Lovely photographs, the sheet blankets/quilts look great.

  3. Your pics are lovely, they made me smile. What beautiful crochet and quilted blankets, they are very special as they are made with love. The lego biscuits sound interesting, I am sure you had fun making them with your little ones. Have a great weekend. bee x

  4. I love a beautiful pile of pretty - it really lifts the heart doesn't it? Lovely pictures x

  5. Don't talk to me about boys and wheeled vehicles. My eldest has learnt how to do wheelies on his battery powered tractor. Terrifying!


  6. Such lovely things!

    Have fun the rest of the summer holidays. :)

  7. You're not the only one who's in a bit of panic realizing the summer is almost over...

    Oh i looooove your bunting, patchwork blankets and your piles...i want to dive into them!

    Enjoy your last bit of summer holiday with the boys!!

    Big hug x

  8. I don't even attempt to ride with my two teens - they leave me behind!

    Love the heaps of quilts & blankets - they look very snuggly :)

  9. Oooh, what lovely piles you have in your house!!

    The piles in our house mostly consist of washing, ironing or sometimes things that are even worse (courtesy of dog with a lackadaisical view of house training)....

    S x

  10. I'm in love with your crochet and your blankets!!! Mjummie!!!

    Enjoy your summer.... It's really not over yet!!
    Eat much ice creams, that's the real summer feeling :-)

  11. Don't say it's nearly over - please. I get all melancholic about childhood racing past, lazy days just doing whatever we fancy and back to routine again (which I hate). Keep on looking at the piles, dreaming and making your lovely things.


  12. I love the patchwork and the bunting - such gorgeous colours!

  13. Hi miss Jane - I am dying over here - at the beauty of your photos. Wish you could send me a tea-trolley in the post - ever since I saw your blog on the tea trolley I have been searching frantically for one.... Your the best! MwaH!

  14. You know Jane, I think if I ever came to your house, I would have this really vacant expression on my face. In a tranced state, Just staring in awe at your gorgeous fabrics, your gorgeous crochet and your gorgeous makes. Seriously, I'd be all silly! ha ha!

    It seems this Summer has gone very quick indeed, but I will be looking forward to claiming the house back each day for a few hours.

    Boys and bikes? What is it with them and bombing in every direction but straight ahead?!

    Ahhhhhhhhhh, I think I may just have to stay here for quite a bit staring at all the prettiness...........what a perfect start to the day!


  15. It's strange now to hear talk of summer hols, my Biscuits have been back at school for two weeks now. I'm feeling Autumn coming and have been discussing the long long build up to Christmas on my blog. I think the slight difference in school hols seems to make the seasons change sooner here in Scotland.
    Lovely makes, as always!

  16. Beautiful pictures to brighten up those oh so gloomy rainy summer days. :) Liz

  17. Jane, I love your treasures as well , your blankets are amazing! enjoy your boys, we started at the beginning of summer everyone in the family had a were down to one!

  18. Such lovely things.Sweet crochet blankets.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  19. Oh I love all your lovely bites...but those blankets make me super happy! Hope you can keep up with the boys...hugs.

  20. Yummy pics!! If I had those things in my home I'd stare...and stare and stare......and not a thing would get done housewife-wise!! :)

  21. Your crochets look gorgeous. I've always wanted to be able to do that. I had a period where I tried knitting, but I could seem to find the "right" pressure. It all depended on how stressed I was that day, how tight I would knit it.

  22. *sigh* such happy happy bright colours - I love your photos :)