Monday, 23 May 2011

A year on the road.........

I'm hanging up the virtual bunting and eating cyber cake today as this week it will be a year since Teawagontales and littleteawagon hopped on the road for the very first time.......the banner has changed about twenty times, so has the avatar and the layout... but the intention has stayed the same...crafting, making, crochet, colour, finding, sharing, a few laughs and new friends :-)
So to celebrate and to say "thank you" for hopping on with me ........a giveaway.....

It comprises of

* a cute little notepad with recycled paper

* a littleteawagon make your own bunting kit (20 vintage fabric pennants + binding + label)

* a set of 6 cute coloured crochet hooks ranging from 2.5mm - 5mm in size

* a little mushroom bird ready to pop onto any little birdy project you may be working on

Any one, anywhere can enter, overseas, outer space....and the comments will be open for a week after which a winner will be picked at random (name in hat kind of thingy) don't forget to leave a name and a way for me to contact you :-)
and for a question ......well I always think it's nice to find a little bit more about you all so

*Who do you look like??????? if you don't look like anyone then who would you like to look like?..the funnier the better .....

Who do I look like???....... well apart from my roll model of course.................Robert Smith (from the Cure) and I really do :-) :-):-)

Good luck

x x x x x x x x x x x


  1. it would be REALLY REALLY rude if I wasn't to enter wouldn't it?!!!!!! So count me in! ha ha!!!!!

    Who do I look like? I have no idea. My dad used to call me his little kate Bush (but I have blue eyes), maybe that's the closest. I do look a bit like 'Doc' out of 'Back to the Future' most mornings though!!!!!


  2. Duhhhh forgot to say HAPPY BLOGGA-VERSARY!!!!!!!!!!! x

  3. happy happy 1 year anniversary!!!
    i'm not sure i look like anyone famous but i do look a bit!


  4. Happy Birthday. I need to enter just to win the birdy. A BIG lampshade project is about to be embarked upon with BIG birdy needs. So please pop me into the hat. As for who I look like... Spock for the ears (or so they used to say when I was six at school), Liza Goddard (remember her??!) according to my (short sighted) Grandma, and my dad. Mmm. I sound really attractive don't I? Happy Monday Robert, er sorry, Jane. Ax

  5. Oh, one year, congratulations!!
    Please keep on doing 'this' for a long time, your blog is very nice!

    Who do i look like?...people always call me Pippi (Pippi Longstocking)because of my red long braids...
    I'm ok with that, i like her.

    have a nice day.

  6. Most of all, I look like my Mum, altho my hubby has been known to say that I look like Nigella Lawson. That could be worse though, eh! Happy year of blogging- haven't you done well in a year! Laura x

  7. Yay a giveaway, lovely! Please count me in...

    I'm not so sure who I look like now but in my late teens/early twenties I had a fringe to go with my [then] long brown hair and everyone called be Winnie, if you remember, Kevin's girlfriend from The Wonder Years. I hated it of course as I considered myself much cooler than her and I drank pints.....
    Congrats on the year and I'm loving my purchases from littleteawagon. Will be back for more soon. xx

  8. Happy 1st blog anniversary. I love your cheerful blog and look forward to you being around for a long, long time.
    My daughter thinks like I look like an extra in one of the Dr Who episodes (David Tennant days) but I really look like my Dad.
    Have a wonderful week,
    Anne xx

  9. Happy Bloggiversary. I have enjoyed all your banner changes.

    Who do I look like...well as much as don't want to admit it, I look like my Mum!

  10. Hello! Oh please stick my name in the Teawagaon hat! Thank you :)

    Who do I look like?.....well many moons ago when I was at art college people thought I looked like the lead singer out of Fairground Attraction. I wasn't so keen on that idea! I think I look like me :)


  11. oh, i love everything in your giveaway-(crosses fingers to win ;)
    in reality i mostly look like my dad...but for famous people-ive been told everyone from melissa gilbert(little house on the prairie-i certainly don't think so) to winona rider!

  12. Happy Bloggiversary!!! Please put my name in the hat for your gorgeous, generous giveaway.
    I've been told twice that I looked like Helen Mirren, it sort of spooked me a bit when I was told it for the second time, not that there's anything wrong with Helen (although she is older than me!), it's just that I don't see it myself!
    Vivienne x

  13. Happy Bloggiversary! please throw my name in the hat.
    I used to be told I looked like Neve Campbell. I wish!

  14. Don't worry I'm not entering my own giveaway....I just had to say I'm loving these lookie-likies funny Thanks x x x x

  15. Hi, a very happy anniversary to your blog! Which I totally adore, by the way. I'd love to be part of your giveaway, love the prizes! Please count me in!

    Best wishes for another blogging year (and another... and another...)


    Mojca XXXX.

    P.S.: I guess I just look like me - you can check my blog and see for yourself!

  16. Happy One Year Birthday to you Jane. Even though I'm entering into your gorgeous giveaway my lustful side really really needs those crochet hooks, so I'd love to know where they're from.

    Well many moons ago in my twenties when I thought I looked pretty hot to trot a bloke told me I looked like John Prescott. A good thing if you're John Prescott, the direst thing in the world for everyone else. Even picturing his huge sweaty head makes me feel sick. I've also been compared to the Swing out Sister singing lady in my pouty red lips day. Oi Olive Oil was another one yelled at me across a busy market in my stripy tights, mini skirt and brothel creeper days. In my head I look like Louise Brooks though.

    Have a great week too Jane.

    X Lisa X

  17. Ok today I feel like I live in outerspace so I am just zooming down to do a happy dance and keep my fingers crossed.
    Oh dear...that is a hard question...people always say to me that my face is so familar but they never give me a name...I guess I have a common face. Nothing special.

    Happy Anniversary...xxooxoxoxoxoxxo

  18. happy blog anniversary!!!
    and I look :))))
    you can visite me and see how I look like

  19. Oh Jane, you are so adorable.......great hair!
    and a giveaway....yeah!

  20. What a nice give-away, the crochet hooks are amazing (so is everything in this give-away)! By the way, congratulations with your anniversary!

    How I look? Like myself, blond, curly and with lots of energy ;).

    Hanneke (

  21. What a fabulous giveaway - happy, happy bloggiversary!!!

    Hmm, I've been compared to Michelle Collins and Lisa Snowdon (can't see either myself) but do admit I bear a striking resemblance to my spaniel Bertie on scruffy days!


  22. hello you - a giveaway you say? I understand I can't really win because I'm your 'real life' friend (sorry - that should read 'one of your real life friends!!) BUT i'd just like to state for the record that you DO NOT look like Robert Smith (Even on a bad day!)
    You know what I look like, and like Koralee, lots of people think they know me or have met me before. Lots.
    Also bizzarly, like pink milk before me, 3 or 4 pepole have told me I look like Michelle Collins - and I don't!
    Off to text you re tea and tiffin - I know it's not the done thing to make social arrangements in the comment section!!!
    fee x

  23. Congrats on your first year :)
    I just asked my son who I looked like and his answer was 'My Mum' .. no help there though I did have the nickname of Betty Boop for years as I supposedly looked like her. I didn't really mind until I was older and some people thought my real name was Betty. I still get the odd shout off the one or two school friends.

  24. happy bloggiversary! not sure who i really look like apart from my mum, i asked my dearest hubs if i looked like anyone famous, he said 'no, you just look french' hmmmm so not much help - sorry

  25. I look like my dad, so i'm told, minus the stubble!
    happy blogiversary!
    what a gorgeous giveaway :o)
    j x

  26. aww Happy 1st year ;-)) I have been told i look like queen Victoria and also Nicole Kidman i take the last one thank you very much ;-)) Victoria was a horrible mean person. I would love to be entered please. Thank you. Have a lovely week, dee x

  27. Happy Blogaversary!

    Please enter me in your lovely giveaway.

    I can't say I look like anyone in particular, although in the past I was told by several people that I looked like Boy George (it was when I was at a fancy dress party dressed as him!)

  28. Hello! I've just clicked on the most gorgeous fabric caravan picture and landed here. What a beautiful blog you have. Happy anniversary for it.
    I think today I look tired. Tomorrow I'm having my roots dyed black and a haircut and noone will wake me up tonight and I'll look fab. Well more like me anyway.
    Ok, I'm off to check out some of your older stuff.

  29. Wow,what a nice give away you have! Congratulations with your first blog birthday!
    I don't think I look like someone famous, but I'm a happy redhead (at the moment, last week I was darkbrown) with green eyes and some sweet freckles. Maybe I look a bit like Pippi Longstocking but then different!
    ~ Marjolein

  30. Congratulations on your 1st blog Anniversary... This is a great giveaway! I love those crochet hooks... where do you get them from?
    I don't look like anyone, but sometimes when I look in the mirror, I think that I've turned into my Mum!!! How does that happen?

  31. Happy Bloggiday to youuuuuu!

    There's something a tiny bit Bjorke about your lovely face.

    Who do I look like? I've been told Jenny from Forrest Gump (which I like) and Pat Butcher (with makes me splutter!!!!)

    You have reminded me that's it's my bloggyversary around now. I must do a giveaway, get into the spirit of it all. Better put my thinking cap on about what to give away. I hope I win yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fingers crossed. If I don't win I'll send Frank around!

  32. oh its beautiful...i love it....ur work is amazing :)

  33. When I was younger I looked like my dad but now I'm slowly turning into my mother!!!

  34. Happy Bloggiversary! I was nder the impression you'd been blogging a lot longer as you're so professional looking!

    I think I look like Scarlett Johansson, but only in films like The Other Boleyn Girl or Girl with a Pearl Earring, where she has no make-up on and is sort of 'ugly'!!

  35. Hi there!
    I'm here as Fee suggested I take a look (because of an owl-love post I did) and how lovely it is to be with you - even more so when I realise I've come on a giveaway post!
    So in the spirit of things, a few years ago, when I was a teacher, I was once told that I looked like Sarah Jessica-Parker (i wish). This was the view of the caretaker, a funny sort-of bloke of dubious background. So not really a complement.
    PS am new follower! Loving the posts. X

    BTW Robert Smith looky-likey? No.

  36. yeah - Happy Blog Birthday!!
    who do I look like? my Granny.

  37. Hiya,

    I've just found you via Chipper Nelly and have become a follower as your blog looks just my cup of tea!!

    I'd love to be entered in your fab giveaway!!

    S x

  38. Hello just called over via your real life friends blog. I was once told by a 4 year old that he had seen me on telly. I was Hayley from Coronation Street apparently - out of the mouths of babes. In my head (you know in my thinking brain) I of course look just like Kylie. Like many of your other comments people often say they think they know me from somewhere - common face syndrome. LOL. Just remembered that another child in class said I looked like a Nana whilst the very glamorous teacher looked like a mummy. I knew my place luckily the teacher was a good ten years younger than me imagine how I would have felt if she were older.

  39. Great giveaway and congratulations on your anniversary.
    Who do I look like.. lets see.. i look like
    Well actually i must look like Superman's girlfiend with a name like Lois....i have alwaus been called Lois Lane.

  40. Oooh - so many lovely things...

    Happy Blogaversary to you, and may you have many more of them, as I really enjoy reading your blog.
    You can contact me through my blog:


  41. Award over at mine for you xxx

  42. Hi Jane ,Happy Bloggiversary to you !!!
    I love the things you have put in your giveaway !
    My bird house would look great with that cute little bird instead of the cheepy chicks left over from easter :0)
    Who do I look like ...well when I was a child I was told I looked like Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones , I though that was so exciting . As an adult I've been compared to Andrea McLean the weather girl.
    Jacquie x

  43. This is my third comment here. Im not angling for three cracks at the whip. Just needed to pop back on as I said to a friend this morning that I'd finally worked out that she reminded me of bjorke too. She went nuts! She was horrified. I think bjorke is pretty. Hope you didn't take it the same way she did! Xxx

  44. Happy Bloggiversary only found your blog few months ago and love it please enter me.

  45. Hi sweet friend...just wanted to let you know I got pillow it. I am sure #2 will be here is now on my sofa! happy dance. xoxoxo

  46. I just found your blog today and it is lovely! So much colour in it! I hope I have entered in time for your blog anniversary. Who do I looke like, besides myself? No one I can think of. My daughter says I would make a good Miss Marple, so I will stick to that!
    Have a brillant day!

  47. Hey Jane, thanks for popping by my blog..............

    Happy bloggiversary to you and I just loooooove your little caravan, it's gooooorjus......

    I would love to enter your giveaway, lots of lovely things to win, mmmmmmm.

    So who do I look like apart from my mum? A friend once told me I reminded her of Emma Thompson.......... not sure if I look like Em or sound like her.
    Either way I didn't mind as long as it wasn't Emma when she was playing Nanny McPhee , hehehe.......

    Here's to another year full of hot tea and great tales form the Teawagon.

    Sweet Birdy Love :}

  48. I don't think I look like anyone!!
    However my son said my young pics look like one of the girls from the Corrs.
    Guess we will have to see if she catches up to me.
    I was once asked if I was from Croatia.
    But I'm quite happy. Never wanted to look like anyone in particular.
    I'm happy to look like my sisters.

  49. Hei there,
    just discovered that blog. I love those blogs I discover right at the time of a give-away!
    I look like... indeed I have sort of a german thing on me but I heard that I look like someone in particular beside my grandmother I never met. On pictures she's a natural beauty.
    Congrats on you blogversaty!

  50. hey there, What a darling blog! I am your newest follower. I think I look a little like Winona Judd (frown) and maybe a little like Nicole Kidman in the eyes. (smile)
    Love this little giveaway!

  51. Ooh am I too late to enter? I would love to enter please. Who do I look like - well... I don't think anyone really - so I just did one of those face recognition things - ha! A bunch of peeps I don't recognise the names of..Katherine Heigl, Michael jackson!!! Halle Berry!!! I'm not black!! Cameron Diaz. Lol I don't think I look like any of those but I'm blonde if that helps. x