Thursday, 5 May 2011

This week I have been mostly.......blowing up balloons..

I managed to keep the flags flying for another few days due to a birthday.... our #1 was 10 on Tuesday, I can't believe it and I think he was rather embarrassed by all the fuss I was making...10!!!...double figures..nearly a teenager..and so on... goodness knows what I'll be like when he turns 18!!
So its been a Lego filled week of presents and cake as with most birthdays these days they are spread out among family, friends and school...

We went to a lego exhibition in the Science Museum on monday, they had made a giant Westminster Abbey complete with bride and groom and guests...

(much panic from me when he asked for his favourite Lego figure in a cake) thank goodness for that funny icing that's like playdoh :)
Another day off school today .. but again the sun is shining and its peaceful here as the boys are at the cinema with their Dad so I'm hoping to catch up on a few things and enjoy the silence.....
Happy Thursday x x x x


  1. All sounds wonderful...happy Birthday to your #1 boy....time goes fast! I think your bunting is lovely....and I would keep it up as long as I could.
    Hugs for a great day. xoxoxox

  2. Hello! it is my first comment on your gorgeous blog, so glad i found it.
    i LOVE the lego cake!
    don't blink, my son turns 17 (SEVENTEEN!!!!!!!) next week, and i can't beleive it either. at all!
    j x

  3. awww happy birthday for your little lad, great cake and sounds like a lovely day. Enjoy the silence i know how great that sometimes is ;-) dee x

  4. My oldest who will be 16 in October used to LOVE legos when he was younger. He always wanted a new project when holidays rolled around. When he turned 14, that all ended and now his friends and music are his world. :/ Happy 10th to your number 1. Sounds like a fun birthday. Best wishes, Tammy

  5. Happy birthday to your young man.

    Lego - oh yes - those blooming bricks! My 2 have loved it since they were tiny - even now it gets played with on wet, winter days.

    Rather handy sometimes - especially for my last blog post ;)

  6. Happy Birthday to First Born!!!!! Hope he had a fab day! Loved the Lego Cathedral. Gosh If Baby Bear was there it would have been pulled apart, never mind a barrier protecting it! Loved the Cake! Hope you managed to enjoy the quiet!!!!!!!

    Love Vanessa xxx

  7. Your lego man cake is ace jane, just the inspiration I needed for my #1's 9th birthday in a few weeks - did you use edible ink too for the eyes?

  8. Great cake, you are clever! Wonderful lego Abbey as well - just Wow!

  9. What a great Mom you are!!! Happy Birthday to that special boy of yours!
    Have a great week!
    Chris :o)

  10. I know what you mean! My No.1 turns ten in two months' time and I share your thoughts completely! Double digits, teenagers... oh my! He's very much into Lego as well, his birthday wish is the Quidditch game from the Harry Potter series - I hope we can find it!
    Happy birthday to your No.1!

  11. Happy Birthday to your no.1!
    Great cake and I love the Lego Cathedral.
    Vivienne x

  12. Wow...a Lego Royal Wedding? That's pretty awesome! Also pretty awesome is that cake- well done!
    (And happy birthday to your Number 1 Boy!)

  13. 10 had me all of a pickle too Jane. It seems like a next step doesn't it. Mind you 10 now seems like 12 was for me, eye rolling is down to a fine art already.

    Lovely to have a long weekend for a birthday loads of fun.


  14. Happy birthday to your lovely first son!
    I must say Jane, I thought you had built the lego models!...relieved to then read they are in the museum!...enjoy your little piece of silence...
    Wishing you a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  15. The cake is great!
    Happy Birthday to your son.

  16. Loving that cake!
    My eldest turned ten too, last Saturday. Kept singing ' April spawned a monster in the shape etc etc' at him to wind him up. He does a wonderful face when I try a Morrissey dance, I simply cannot resist.
    Very strange feeling him being ten. Can't believe it was a decade ago that our family journey began.
    Ali xx

  17. I love the Lego cake, well done.
    Best Birthday wishes.

  18. Love,love,love your bunting!!!!
    This week I bought some beautiful fabric from you on Etsy....thankyou so much for the speedy delivery and pretty packaging, I love it!!! I put a link in to your blog today on my blog, as I just HAD to share my pretty fabrics with others!!! Hope you don't mind...
    Nattie x

  19. I clearly remember turning 10. It was soooo exciting and grown up feeling. Double figures felt rather mature. So a Taurean like me! I'm a 6th of May-er. Great month for a birthday, give your lad a birthday squeeze from me.

    The cake was a triumph!! Love the bunting too x x x

  20. Jane how I have missed your lovely colorful blog! I have had to start a new blog formerly Bord and Butik!
    What a lovely post!