Wednesday, 2 March 2011

This week I have been mostly.............

Sewing :) ........................Curtains....not my forte but I loved the fabric so much I figured even if I messed up I would still love them :) and I do...........

Theres no stopping me now I've overcome my fear of curtain tape and I'm off in search of more... over the top blousey florals for my house full of boys :)

Happy Wednesday x x x x x


  1. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ them!!!!!

    Do you think that living in a house full of boys makes you crave the girly stuff that much more? I think I do. Each year that passes I seem to get worse! I feel it's my compensation for living with muddy boy clothes strewn all over the floor, grubby finger marks everywhere, and lego ALWAYS in my bed!

    I bought some heavy Rosali fabric years ago with a print like yours and made curtains when we first moved in. Hadn't got a clue how to make curtains or even how to use a sewing machine and we had big windows. The fabric was cheap and pretty so I figured like you, if I screwed up they could still look pretty! I did a decent job but when we got new sofas a couple of years later they didn't match so I got new ones. Can you believe I threw the curtains in the bin! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!!! There was so much fabric that I could have recycled into something else. I am such an idiot and was completely mad! Well, you live and learn!

    Ahhhh floral love!

    Have a lovely day you

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  2. YES! having only boys makes you pinker! I wasn't even allowed a girl dog in case I dressed her up as a substitute - jane you missed a golden opportunity there...)
    Loving your curtains - natch.
    fee x
    (Vanessa - lego in your bed?? i found a chewed off toenail in a cup of coffee yesterday. Doesn't get any grosser than that. No, it wasn't mine - my toenails are painted pink!)

  3. ahhh those are gorgeous and so pretty. Im a mother to 2 boys and my house well my bedroom is my little girly flower pink room ;-)) Although the rest of my house i have flowers to but there more in the shades of brown and oranges which are not that girly i feel. Your room is so light and warm love the 50's mirror. Enjoy them, dee x

  4. They are beautiful and I love that pattern - lovely job.

    Curtains are one thing I have not tried to make - yet - maybe one day as it's so hard to find a decent pattern/pair...anywhere.

    happy sewing,

    Nina xxx

  5. Wow....these really really make my heart sing today my friend. Where in the world would you find such amazing fabric? Stunning...I would have them in every single room in my home if I could. Happy dance and pure delight over here today. xoxoxoxo

  6. Your curtains are beautiful. There'll be no stopping you now. :)
    Anne xx

  7. Your curtains are so lovely! The colour and pattern is great, wish I had them!

  8. I love your curtains......they have such a fresh look to them, very cheerful!!!
    They made me smile!
    Chris :o)

  9. I'm lucky in that I have a lot of girls in our house and my husband doesn't mind pink (he doesn't have much choice!).
    The fabric is gorgeous and makes great curtains.

  10. Beautiful material. I would love a dress in that pattern. Well done you. x

  11. Absolutely beautiful fabric I agree it would make a perfect dress.
    Jo x

  12. love your choice of fabric, I'm swooning right now, yup you're right, too much testosterone in this house too, time to pump up the florals!!