Sunday, 5 September 2010

Every day is like Sunday

....Well not really, but it is sunday and I've got some seaside pics to show so any excuse to drag out another song quote is fine by me.

We've been on our jolly holidays, and had lots of fun,went to many places,rock pools,lighthouses,windmills,caves,windswept beaches,my fave place ever..Eden Camp love love love it there.(where my eyes first set upon the original teawagon with its enamel teapots and aromas of bergamot and earl grey!)

Things felt strange when we got back, like we'd been away's taken me a while to get back in step with everything. I'm thinking normality will resume again next week and I look forward to sharing some creative little projects very soon x


  1. Oh my goodness, have you been on holiday to Byron Bay? So very, very jealous!

  2. We went to the east coast, Robin Hoods Bay etc, where is Byron Bay?? Am thinking I want to go there x x x

  3. Your photograph of the lighthouse - looks very like the one at byron bay. See here...

    Byron Bay is in Australia and is a.m.a.z.i.n.g! Robin Hoods Bay is nice too though, maybe not quite so warm!

  4. Wow it does look just like it! Maybe I should pretend thats where we went on holiday, much more glam and like you say a lot warmer.
    I won't tell if you don't x x x x x x x

  5. Welcome back, I missed you!
    RHB = one of my all time favourite places on Earth. Lucky you getting your jollys there, I've not been for almost two years, I miss it terribly.
    Looking forward to your creativity psots....I'm hoping to post my toilet roll people very soon, when Little B allows, he's not being very cooperative atm it has to be saidx

  6. Do you know my mum used to always drink her tea from a cup like those in your top photo! We also had an icing set just like the one in the picture as well! I wonder where all those things went to? It's only now that I see so many things in blogland that we used to have that I wish we had kept more!!
    Vivienne x

  7. Glad it made you chuckle, if you really saw our TRP you'd howl with fright I think. Mr Bun's is the best though, he gets really competitive with paper crafty things.

    Glad you had a great hol and are back raring to go.

    Now there's a fabric I saw in your shop that I'm after so I'd better go and see if it's still around.


  8. Robin Hoods Bay is a great place to go, all those lovely little white cottages with pan tiled roofs. Ah, makes me want to go back.
    I love the little bottle people, so sweet and a great way of recycling.
    Thanks for the lovely comment that you left, the littlest one is home now and had a really good day. It seems that children find it easier than parents.
    Take care my dear, much love x