Monday, 14 June 2010


Home again,after some little jollies around the country, I went North and the other Miss TW went south, haven't met up yet to discuss our jaunts but the weekly meeting tommorrow should sort that out.No Teawagon news but I do feel very inspired by my trip to the scottish highlands and I can feel a tartan theme emerging and I do know now that you can run your business/shop from your shed,garden,front room up there as long as you have a nice little sign outside and possibly a large supply of scottish tablet and hot tea!!!
No nessie sightings, so obviously I have gone ahead and faked my own J.Otto Seibald-esque monster.


  1. hi j
    hope you get this ive tried so many times
    love teawagan its brill
    cant wait for more adventures with the pink monster
    hope you had a great time
    take care
    love kaz in france (auntie lol)

  2. Hi yes I got your comment! Thanks,can't work out how to reply though. Am missng you lots hoping to get over to see you later this year x

  3. hi got your comment
    be great to see you
    seen lots of dragon flies wicked colours
    hope all are ok
    love kaz x