Friday 27 March 2015

neon dot cushion tutorial...

hello! I made this sunny neon dot cushion at the weekend and I've done a little tutorial if you fancy making one for yourself.

things you will need
cotton calico 1m should make a couple of these cushions
fabric paint in your chosen colours
paper plate for mixing paint
sponge brush (I used a circle but you could do any shape or use a potato stamp)
pom pom maker medium size
sewing machine/thread
measuring tape
pillow insert 40cm x 40cm

  • Cut out a square of calico measuring 42cm x 42cm (front piece) and two rectangles measuring 42cm x 34cm (back pieces)
  •  using the fabric paint and sponge brush begin stamping the front piece of fabric, allow to dry and then iron the dots to heat seal the paint.
  • Hem one side of the wider edge on both of the back pieces. 
  • Place the front piece right side facing up
  • Place the back pieces right side facing down over the front piece with the hemmed edges
    towards the centre so that they overlap to make the envelope opening, pin together and sew a 1cm hem all the way around the four sides.

  • trim away excess seam allowance and turn the cover the right way around, pushing the corners to a point. Press the cover
  • make 4 pom poms using a pom pom maker or like this
  • stitch the pom poms on to each corner, making sure they are well attached

that's it, a pretty quick DIY apart from having to wait for the paint to dry...I found that the trickiest part because I am very impatient.

have a lovely weekend folks x x