Friday 19 July 2013

painting small rooms and the egg and spoon race...

 ....last day of term for our #1 today and sports day for our #2...the end is almost in sight :) which means the weather is bound to take a turn for the worse..and my picnic plans will be scuppered before the holidays even start :)

 plans to repaint the house before the summer it appears were a little optimistic...but I did paint the smallest room in the house a few weeks ago...

a lick of fresh white paint and some new accessories worked a treat...check out that fab toweling..although I do have to keep reminding the boys not to dry their hands on it...hang on a minute who am I trying to kid....boys ...washing hands...????

the lockers were already there...they are the best storage for a little room...

my little plants are still alive :) quite chuffed about that x

the little curtain is made from my number one most favouritest sheet was one of the first ones I ever bought and had been saving it for some thing special...the hem is finished with orange pompom trim :)

more vintage toweling on a little footstool...and a cute thrifted picture... I love this little room :)

when it wasn't too hot...I did manage a bit of shed action....making bunting for a wedding and then some for the shop :)

and added a few more bundles here

blog posts may be a bit sparse around here now until we settle into the routine of holidays..but you can find me over on instagram..I'm littleteawagon :)

happy friday x x x x x