Thursday, 2 August 2012

a little blog award 7's post

thank you once again lovely Ada for the blog award....

so here are....

7 things about teawagontales... I have done things I'm hoping to do this summer...


read some books.. ( kids books are my favourites )


get back to basics...( I love computer graphics but I treated myself to some pastels and am having a go at drawing again )


catch a train...( hopefully in a cute station like this one )


listen to some tunes....( not i-tunes... lovely old vinyls on our record player, I can't wait to dig out some old favourites )


crochet....( never has a school holiday gone by that I haven't picked up the hook and some yarn and got to work on yet another blanket )


picnics :) ....( weather dependant of course although I am partial to wet, thundery picnics too and with our little dog Arnie in tow they are always 'interesting' )


paint... ( even though my plan was to paint the house from top to bottom...this option seems a bit more realistic.. )

8..I know I can't count :)
making... ( just for the sake of it...patchy things,toys,garlands,cushions,paper mache..anything we fancy ..yay!the best sort of making )

so maybe after the summer I will re look at this post to see if we did any of the above :)

I hope so x

here are some links to some lovely blogs I have recently discovered...

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  1. hmmmm, hooker green? (love that name)
    I hope we get some sunshine - and hope we get to crochet with chips before we depart.
    Liking your projects...fee x

  2. I cannot believe we are into the second week of the holidays already! I have been longing for this school holiday to arrive and I have so many plans. I hope the weather stays lovely as lots of picnics are on my list too!

    Lovely to read your list and have a wonderful post catch up! I always leave your blog with sunshiny smiles on my face. It's such a beautiful and happy place to visit Jane! So, had my cuppa and caught up with your last few posts (i'm so behine in blog land!) and that's set me up for the day!

    Have a super rest of a holidays and I hope you manage to get all your things ticked off the list!

    Take care

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Good luck with you list of "to do" things. Funnily enough, I've been playing that very Monkees lp on our old record player recently. Enjoy! xx

  4. Lovely plans and lovely blog discoveries, I know two of them well and they are both, well, lovely...

  5. Thanks for sharing your 7, wonderful photo's to go with them all. I love the car in the picnic. Have a lovely summer and hope your list get completed. Ali x

  6. I love each little vignette in your story......the car in the cute!
    But I am madly in love with your chicken clock is that new? or vintage?
    good luck with your list I still have to get on mine yet.......
    Have a wonderful rest of the week....I can't sleep I'm so excited about out trip coming up next week, pinch me!

    1. The clock is vintage and the hen pecks at the floor when it's wound cute :) xxxxxx

  7. Jane, thank you so so much for including my blog in your list of new discoveries ... I am beyond excited!!! I really love your blog and am so pleased that you like mine ... your list is a great idea and I hope you get as many done as makes you happy :) Bee x

    PS Love the little softie with the eye mask .... very cute!

  8. My ideal summer, I think I may come a live with you!!! Have a great break :)

  9. I think that is wonderful list lets we hope get some lovely sunshine to ;-)) dee x

  10. Lovely list of summer projects!! Enjoy your sweet summer holiday!! xo Heather

  11. Jane, thank you SO much for including me in your little linky list. I have loved your blog for a while, every post is a feast of colourful yummyness and I am so pleased that you are enjoying my little adventures with Betsy. melx

  12. Love your list - I'm a list girl too! It's always fun to tick things off and enjoy the sense of accomplishment and delight that goes with it. Have fun! xo

  13. Some great little 'snippets' I'm a huge fan of children's books, particularly love illustrations from the 50s and 60s hope you managed to do everything! Ada :)

  14. I hope you get to do the things on your list. Lots of my picnics have been rained off this summee but its the perfect excuse to stay indoors and make nice things instead x

  15. Hello there!
    I absolutely love the little picnic scene.....any chance of a postcard version??
    Hope to get together soon. Xxx

  16. Such a sweet your images. I am working on my list too...and time is running out! Have a great week. xoxo

  17. Hello, thanks so much for the mention, very sweet of you! :)