Tuesday, 29 June 2010


The Teawagon paint palette has been chosen and mixed.
The Teawagon banner is practically made.
The Teawagon float is predictably down.
Things are slowly coming together.... there is a little wagon pulling in to view on the horizon, it has tunes coming from within..the Farmers Boys,Orange Juice,The Smiths,ukelele's,banjo's..there is bunting flying in every colour from the windows...
Just like Captain Rockhopper it hovers tauntingly on the horizon...it has to be here soon!

Ps I make up my own words sometimes, if tauntingly isn't a real word..well it should be x


  1. Oh, I just saw this and fell in love. No wonder when I read the post, it was full of my favorite things! I even love to play ukulele!

    Best wishes

  2. Hi Jo,
    I think we are definately on the same wavelength as I felt the same when I found your blog! x