Monday, 31 May 2010

Vintage Fairs

We visited a 'discover vintage' fair yesterday, one that travels around the country. I was hoping it may have had Teawagon potential and also maybe some little treasures, I did buy some vintage pillowcases and a 1934 postcard to someone called Betty from York. But the size of the fair and the fact that the stalls had to work around the awkward spaces of the indoor market it was held in meant it's probably not for us, but will check out the other venues, I live in hope that there is something out there that doesn't resemble 'Royston Vasey' on bad day.


  1. Hi I love your blog you seem to be painting a lot of furniture I never stop this myself It all looks lovely. Did you spray your tea trolley blue if so was it just a spray paint I have a tea trolley but it has a gold frame looks a bit tacky actually. I think I may have to update it a bit. Love your blog too X

  2. Hi there,
    Thankyou:) I used a spay paint for the blue trolley, it was a very shiny brass colour before too
    Happy painting :) x

  3. Thanks for that Jane will be on the case just as soon as I have finished painting my grannys sewing box !