Tuesday, 23 October 2012

conkers or just bonkers....

...sometimes I fall in and out of love with this blog....maybe it's the time of year ( my favourite ) but I just seem to want to be anywhere but looking at a screen...

I want to be outside walking in the fresh air...kicking orange leaves...finding spikey conkers...(mum of sons)...with pink cheeks and cold fingers. chasing a little dog with legs that never tire.and then inside for hot chocolate, a magazine, a pile of crafty stuff and my sketchbook....

I've made some things for home...

and some cushions for the shop

I got new fairy lights  :)

and found some fabrics that are a bit different to my usual ones....

...as well as my old  favourites....

so if I'm not here much at the moment... you know where I am :)
gecko press
x x x x x x x


  1. It's good to get out and about, good for the body, good for the soul! You've been making some lovely things Jane! Did you find any cookers? They seem rather lacking around these parts! Ada :)

  2. Love your fabrics as usual. Yes I go through spells of being away from 'virtual' life - its just the seasons I think for me. Off to check out your shop, love looking at it! Jo xx

  3. Lovely things and lovely activities too, I'm having a bit of time off blogging, though trying to keep it ticking over once a week - but yes, so much else to be doing at this time of year! Love those fairy lights, so simple and pretty. Enjoy your fun creative time! xx

  4. I love your cushions and fabrics, so pretty :)!

  5. It's so absolutely beautiful outside! the colours, the smell!
    Here in Holland the temperature is almost 20 degrees these days, it's sunny,
    blue sky...
    oh my, being outside is the best way to spend my time!

    I love all of your prettiness, i'll be hopping over to your shop soon to
    take a serious peek xx

  6. Love all those fabrics lined up - tempting me!
    Conkers are good. I real sense of achievement to come home with pocketfuls. It's a shame they lose that shiny polished look so quickly.

  7. Lovely that you are enjoying autumn Jane ... you are just right ... the weather is so lovely at the minute it is a shame to miss it for the glare of a computer screen ... pretty new fabrics and love your new cushions ... perfect home making ... Bee xx

  8. ...have fun outside!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  9. I always check your blog each morning with my cup of tea and love to see the date change and a new post. Completely understand where your coming from,,,,,,,I adore autumn,,,,I'm a florist by trade and it makes me want to create,,, with the berries, the contorted willow, leaves,,,pumpkins...............and them more crochet blankets for us to snuggle under........love it. So thank you for taking the time to post I keeps me going,
    love Nicky x

  10. Love those fairy lights... and like you, it seems more the time to be doing crafty things than tapping away on a keyboard. So you are excused, so long as you pop in now and then, just so we know what you're up to!

  11. Look at all those yummy treats! Super bloggy eye candy!
    Have a great day! Hazel x

  12. Your cushions are lovely. I am a little scared to peek into your shop as I suspect I could go a little crazy with purchases. Enjoy your Autumn, such a good season for crafty pursuits. mel x

  13. You are very bad, because I have 'almost' hit buy on one of your cushions. They are SO fab and I want them all.

    Keep on blogging - we all love you!

  14. Keep on a blogging please Jane, even now and again your posts make me happy.

    I'm on a bloggy roll at the moment. Seems to keep me motivated somehow. Btw scrumping was the better behaved bit. In fact the lads shook the tree so hard all these apples rained down thud thud thud really near the station workers cars. I roared with laughter and then said move quick before we were seen. I find it really hard to be a responsible adulyt at work.


  15. Just so long as you post something for us every so often as I do so love your bright and cheerful blog. Fiona x

  16. Love the sweet braid in the first photo, you share some beautiful things - your blog always cheers me up!

  17. love your cozy collection that I always find here...your blog really is one of my favourites!!! Off to take a wee peek in the shop...christmas????? Hugs.

  18. You have been a busy bee. Thank you for sharing. x

  19. Hi Jane, I totally relate to the feeling of other things calling you away from the keyboard. After a summmer start with a 2-3 weekly postings, I have moved into a once a week post.

    My washi order arrived and last night I made my first lolly dolly. She is as charmer. Thanks for all the fun and easy ideas you share.

  20. There must be something in the air ....I'm taking a break too I just can't get motivated.....the holidays are always a grooving time!

  21. Hi my friend...just wanted to let you know that a few of your cushions I purchased from you ended up being in the article I did for Matthew Mead's Holiday Christmas magazine....I will make sure in the weeks to come I put up the image and link back to your store. They were just sitting on my bench and made a pretty photo. I gave Matthew the link to your shop and others but they decided not to add any stores or shops to the articles...just pretty photos. xoxoxo

  22. Hello Jane,
    I've been looking for some way to contact you but, seeing as I can't find an email (probably due to temporary blindness), I thought I'd comment here... I really liked your messenger bag tutorial in Mollie Makes 10, and have since made two of my own! It's really helped my sewing confidence: learning about lining bags, sewing curved corners etc. Both bags have been gifts to my brothers, so they're much more bloke-ish than your lovely vintage pattern, but I hope you'll still be glad to have been such an inspiration! I've put a couple of pictures of the first bag here: http://atouchofdomesticity.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/trick-or-treat.html#!/2012/10/trick-or-treat.html , but the second has gone off photo-less so I'll have to wait for some to be sent back to me.
    Thanks again,
    'a touch of domesticity'