Friday, 1 March 2013

gadget case tutorial...

sometimes... a little idea just pops into your head and won't go away....these little guys were on my mind when I woke up yesterday... so here they are :) first they were just little animals but I decided to give them a purpose so now they hold my phone and camera... if you fancy making's a little how to :)

you will need
fabrics (remants)
scissors..pins..sewing machine


 A- measure your gadget and then add 3cm all the way around, cut out two pieces of outer fabric in this size
also cut two pieces of wadding and two pieces of lining fabric in the same size
cut out four ear shapes and cut any trim you wish to use to size

B - (if you want to do a contrast fabric on the front, cut out a smaller fabric piece and sew on) attach any trim now. Then place a piece of wadding on top of each outer fabric (wrong side) then place the right sides  together pin and sew around the sides and bottom with 1cm seam (leave top open)

C - Trim the seams and turn the case right way out. Sew up the ear pieces and sew the lining together with a 1cm seam, leave this inside out and place inside the case... press a 1cm seam over all the way around the open edge of the lining and the ears in place and (tricky bit as its quite small) sew around the top

D - add could use stitching...buttons or felt or fabric pens


you could miss off the face and ears and just use pretty fabrics for a more grown up could make bigger ones for tablets and kindles... you could leave out the wadding and just line in fleece or felt

I think they could make cute Easter gifts or Mums day presents :)

hope you like and please share if you make any I'd love to see them :) x x x

Thanks for all your comments on the giveaway post..there is still time to enter if you missed it (see last post)

Have a lovely weekend x x x x x


  1. This just makes me happy! THanks for the inspiration...

  2. These are so sweet Jane and it would stop my iphone getting full of biscuit crumbs from the depths of my bag. mel x

  3. Oh Jane these are lovely. Deffo going to try to rustle one up on mummy-free Monday, will blog my efforts if I'm successful! You are so clever! x

  4. Merci pour ces explications !!!

  5. These are so cute Jane!Gorgeous fabrics!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Rachel x

  6. Very cute! :) Have a beautiful weekend, sweetie! xo

  7. Happy dance cases.....these would make you smile every time you had to take a call....Heidi

  8. These are so sweet, such a great idea and I love the fabrics you used. x

  9. Bah! I have just packed my sewing machine away after a morning of patchworky fiddling. Should have read this earlier- they are soso cute!
    Happy weekend to you, Ax

  10. super funky and soooooo cute

    Bev x

  11. They are great, I'm sure they would be very well received gifts.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Carol xx

  12. Aaah these are so cute!! Well done Jane. x

  13. These are so cute. Looking forward to following your blog. New to the whole blog world. Haley

  14. Grappig dat je een tutorial op je blog doet. Leuk gedaan!

  15. creative, first time visitor to your blog I am very impressed.
    thank you :)

  16. Oh gosh, I just spent days working out how to make something similar to these! Wish I'd spotted your tutorial earlier! :)