Wednesday, 10 October 2012

this week......

thrifting...birthdays..painting...wallpapering...chopping...not much sewing...
lots of blowing noses... thinking...drinking hot chocolate...making soup...more thinking...
eating birthday cake...crochet...a bit more thinking and lots more blowing of noses...and even more thinking....( too much thinking me thinks )

our #2 turned 10 so I made  Wacky Races bunting :)

our #1 needed new bedroom things :)

I bought new yarns and fabrics for some Christmas projects :)

I painted and papered an old spice rack :)

and a little thrifted wooden house :)

I hung my shelf on the wall :)

and to clear my head I decided to have a big sort out..I have been ruthless!
(clear shed = clear head) there will be bundles of vintage fabrics and wallpapers in the littleteawagon shop this week...

I'm changing a few things too, over here and in the shop so things might look a bit odd or missing 'till I get them sorted.. Thank you to all your entries for the Mollie Makes Book giveaway...I am looking forward to seeing who wins on Thursday...(still time to enter - see previous post )

x x x x x x x


  1. Your week looks like a lot of fun!
    I especially like your new yarns and fabrics, I entered the giveaway and have my fingers strongly crossed. I can't wait to hear the results tomorrow,

    Emma xx

  2. your shelf turnned out amazing and the Wacky Races bunting are a really good idea, wonderful post to read *(:

  3. I love the bunting, it's a great idea for my son's room, lovely photo's, thanks!

  4. I love the cartoony makes! What a suprt idea for a kid's party.
    And I LOVE the colours of your new fabrics and yarns!!!

  5. Hello!
    I'm loving those labels/tags very cool for boys who are 'too cool for skool' methinks....AND what a coincidence!
    I have just linked my post to your blog, with ref to one of your other 'little houses' popped back to yours and find and now you have done a spice rack too!
    I did an old cutlery tray.
    Bestest as ever
    Daisy J

  6. I love those wacky races tags. Who doesn't have a soft spot for Dastardly and Muttley?

  7. Hoep you are feeling better soon. I love the wacky races bunting. Di you colour photocopy the pages?

    Kate x

    1. Hi :) I just found and old annual and cut it up...always feel a bit bad about doing this but it was well used and had a few pages missing...cheaper than copying the pages too :) xxx

  8. Oh dear! Hope you are feeling better soon! X
    Love the bunting and your little shelf! I'm having a bumper vintage wallpaper giveaway this week, but you might not be needing anymore! But then again, out with the old, in with the new!!! Ada :)

  9. Love the bunting and tags!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. How do Jane

    Looking so lovely. I'm feeling envious today as I'm in a room with 16 year old lads seeing who can cause the most pain with a pack of cards, too much testotorone floating about. Stimulating and crafy gorgeous it most definately is not. Thank goodness for me sneaking on here for some of your happy therapy. Lovely makes and gorgeous fabric packaged up. Love the new header too.


  11. I absolutely love that Wacky races bunting and the tags ~ what a great idea! Hope that you feel better soon :O)xx

  12. Super bunting, loved wacky races as a child. Hope your feeling better soon.
    Victoria x

  13. oohh you know I have a weakness for vintage fabrics .... scurries off to nose at your destash ... :-)

  14. Absolutely love the Wacky Races bunting!

  15. Hello!
    Oooh, there has been quite a bit of shed action over the last few days. Power talk was very productive ;)
    Love everything and your shop is looking extra fit.
    See you soon. XXX

  16. Love your new header ... the typewriter is very lovely ... the bunting is the business too ... would be great in my little men's room ... will be on the lookout for an old annual ... hope you are feeling sunnier very soon :) ... Bee xx

  17. Sounds good to me, I love a good clear out - especially when the seasons change.

    Also loving your new blog banner and general new look!

  18. some great craft ideas you have there, the bunting and the gift tags are brilliant, such a good birthday idea for boys! Heather