Wednesday, 11 January 2012

a bit of kitsch.........

to brighten up a dull day :).......this was Mr H's birthday cake, I let the boys loose in my box of cake decorations and this is what they came up with :)...the giant smarties make the cake and gnomes look tiny :)

Christmas seems an age away now and I'm looking forward to spring and a bit of the meantime I have been brightening up the days by finishing off this granny square blanket....

as usual no planning.....just grab some nice colours and away I go..

I have picked up some lovely bright fabrics for some new bags....

and have been working away in the 'workshed' sewing and chopping and wishing I hadn't just worn my socks (no shoes) when the rain starts lashing and I realise my feet are going to get very wet walking back to the house :)

I have got lots of makes to share and am working on re-stocking the shop this week so hopefully will have some fuller shelves by the end of the week :)

Have a happy week 

x x x x x x 


  1. Oh Lordy, new fabric you say?
    Oh dear.....


  2. Splendid cake! I especially like the gnomes :)

  3. Your cake (mr H's cake...) is great.
    I always love it when the kids decorate a cake, it always turns out colourful and happy...and
    it taste gooooood :-)
    The other pics are so so pretty...oh lala...the fabrics and the beautiful blanket!


  4. Oh my goodness these are all epically kitsch and beautiful, love the colours in the crochet blanket.
    ooh la lapin (Lou)

  5. p.s can I share the cake picture on my blog?
    Lou x

  6. bring on the spring!
    Got time for a wee cup of tea friday?
    loving that granny blanket - natch...fee x
    (off to pin it!)

  7. love the gnomes on the cake .your blanket is beautiful .looking forward to your shop restock although my husband and purse are not !

  8. Oh Jane I LOVE your latest blanket...the white round is the perfect addition ....It's gorgeous :0)
    Jacquie x

  9. Love the cake - those gnomes look great. Tis MrVV's birthday today and his cake looks quite subtle compared to others I've made. I get a chance to go wild again next week when there's another birthday in the house.

    I agree with Jacquie - the white in the squares blanket looks fab :)

  10. The cake looks brilliant, just what I needed some gorgeous colours to cheer me up :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  11. Brilliant cake! The row of white in your blanket is inspired. Beautiful & bright on a dull day x

  12. I LOVE that granny square blanket!

  13. What a fabby looking cake! I'm intrigued as to how big those smarties are?
    PS lovely fabrics too

  14. Love the cake it looks smashing. Shame I've started the usual new year diet (again. Lovely cheerful colours with this weather feels like spring. x

  15. that is possibly the cutest cake ever!

    i think we're on the same page as far as project planning is concerned. i just jump in and hope for the best!

  16. I love that cake! So funny. I adore your granny squares too, the little tough of white really makes them look stunning x K

  17. Ahh beautiful granny blankets... your colours are really fresh and cheerful together and the little bit of white makes the colours zing out! :)

  18. cake looks gorgeous & yummy & the blanket oh my i love love it.

  19. You need some slip on wellie shoes, marvellous invention. As for the cake, a true work of art. When you let boys loose on the cake decorating anything can happen, check out my Christmas cake over on Flickr!

  20. preciosa la manta y el pastel riquisimo.

  21. Loving them gnomes, very bad case of envy there. Did wonder at sizing for a while until you said the smarties were huge.

    You've inspired me with your solid blocks with strip of white. If ok I'll have a play with that one day soon. Love the colours Jane.


  22. you'd like the home tour on 'life made lovely' blog (on my sidebar)...
    See you later,
    love fee x

  23. Ahhh i love that cake those smarties and gnomes look fab and such fun really made me smile ;-)) Loving your granny square blanket to i love seeing crochet work and the colours and patterens people use. Look forward to seeing your other projects. dee xx

  24. Ahhhhhhhhh What a gorgeous, bright post to start the day with!!!!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Jane!!!!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas! Looks like you are looking forward to Spring and all your new makes in your Little Space. Congratulations by the way for Mollie Makes.......LOVED reading your feature! You ROCK!

    I feel all bright and cheery now having visited your little bloggy space. You never fail to lift me and put a smile on my face! Thanks lovely!

    Have a super duper day!

    Love Vanessa xxxxxx

  25. wonderful fabrics ;0) so bright and cheery x

  26. OK...I love that much fun ....I just has to smile when I saw it. Can't wait to see your shop....I need to get my teawagon fix! xoxox HUGS

  27. What amazingly big smarties, that cake looks spectacular! Love that granny blanket, such lovely sugary colours!

  28. Loving your makes and fabrics!

  29. Thank thank you for such a happy colorful post I'm a little whiny stuck in my snowbank....we warmed up to 12 above then one day of 32 above and it was heaven but with lots of snow and now were back to 4 below zero again.....yuck, so I'm laughing at you with no shoes on!!! your blog always put a smile on my face Jane!
    yes yes bring on Spring.....

  30. Loving that cake. Where did you get those wonderful gnomes? x

    1. Hi Victoria,
      The Gnomes are from an etsy shop, sorry I can't remember the name as I have had them a while, but if you type in gnome cake decs I'm sure they would turn up
      hope that helps
      Jane x x

  31. such a happy post, needed some colour today! Loved, loved and more loved the messenger bag of yours in Mollie makes - will be attempting it this week! Thank you for inspiration xx