Tuesday, 22 November 2011

holiday how - to #1 ...vintage baubles

.........don't worry I haven't started putting up the Christmas decorations already, it's just a quick little way to spruce up some old baubles :)

a load of old baubles!

 *first you need to find some very plain old bauble shaped decorations
*next you will need some vintage decals - mine came from eBay (very easy to find just type in floral decals and something comes up)
*finally some lovely ribbon (thinner is better than very thick)
* a bit of p.v.a glue and some glitter

clean up the baubles and pop the transfers onto the front using a cloth and very hot water
(there are really good instructions on the papers that come with these transfers, but they are really easy..a bit like applying those kids tattoos)
clean up any sticky bits left behind and dab little glue dots here and there then sprinkle a bit of glitter onto the decal for a sparkly finish :)

remove the original hanging loops and replace with your lovely new ribbon,
if you are going for a collective dangly look like mine then use different lengths of ribbon....

there we go..... my first Christmas tutorial and it's only November!....I apologise if this is too early for some but I figured if you fancy a go you might need to stock up on supplies first :)
...........more simple holiday how - to's to follow soon...
PS I may have peaked too early, I have already watched Elf......but I haven't had a mince pie yet.....
x x x x x x x x


  1. oooh these are special my clever friend!
    We have already started our Elf shout outs (I KNOW HIM!!!!!)
    May need to postpone regular tea slot in the hope that my list goes down....curse this internet shopping thing! (may take December off next year)

  2. (ps I love being the first to comment...)
    (pps I need to get out more)

  3. ppps I'm going for 1, 2 and 3 just to annoy you....

  4. Great idea!

    I've eaten at least five mince pies already!

  5. Ok. my turn ;-)

    I like your 'holiday how- to's'...i'm looking forward for more!
    Your 'baubles' are so nice...and thank you, for learning me how to write a new english word!
    I always talk about 'Christmas balls' but baubles is a much nicer word i think ;-)


  6. Spooky. I was leafing through the CK Christmas Gift Guide this morning and LOVING the birdy baubles. Surely I could make my own I thought ...

    Hanging them in a pretty clutter is genius!


  7. This is a lovely idea! I have got loads of really boring plain baubles that just never get used... now I know what to do with them... ask my sister to paint them!! :)x

  8. What a fablous idea, I love it.Thanks for sharing xox

  9. Adorable idea my friend....I have done some with initials...so fun. But I love your flowers.
    Oh yes...I have watched elf too...I could watch that show over and over and over again. xoxo Hugs

  10. you make me so happy with all those cute things :-))

  11. These look beautiful- what a great idea!!

  12. Lovely idea - worth looking out for slightly tatty baubles now I think - am sure I've some flower decals somewhere.

  13. I just love this idea, thanks so much for sharing. I will have to try and give this a go :)

  14. I love this idea, so pretty and vintage, off to look on ebay for stickers :) I've been buying mince pies for a couple of weeks now ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  15. Oh, it's beautiful. I need to try making one of those...

  16. What a great idea - thanks!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  17. Gorgeous! Any chance you would like to party with us over on our blog for our Craft♥Advent Linky Party?? We could do with some of your vintage lovliness!! Oh, and you need to get eating those mince pies- I started on the 1st of November, and have not regretted ONE MORSEL ;)

  18. What a fab idea.......and beautifully photographed too! I would have never thought of that. Like Pink Milk, I saw some in the new CK mag and thought they looked great!

    Have a lovely day!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. What a fabulous idea! These look gorgeous :)


  20. These are lovely what a clever idea, I always look out for vintage baubles at boot sales but have only rarely been lucky, I will have to try this. I have to say I am already getting excited about xmas, now I want a mince pie. xx

  21. They look gorgeous with their pink ribbon!

  22. Hi sweet friend...got my pillow covers today...they are now on my sofa...pure joy. xoxoxo
    Thank you so much

  23. Lovely idea. I have been holding off watching Elf, it's a slippery slope to spending Sundays watching all the other Christmas films I love. Maybe next week...

  24. We looked for Elf to watch the other day but couldnt find it - boo - never too early 'Did you hear that?'. I have Frank Sinatra Xmas CD in car and vintage baubles that I bought at the car boot in a glass dish - ho ho ho - bring it on I say. Love the baubles great idea off to ebay search floral decals.

  25. Fab idea Jane. My fingers are itching to have a go. Stupidly though my hands have swelled up and hurt so much I can't even turn a doorknob. Too much making stuff syndrome - who knows? Needed help doing up buttons the other day and Mr Bun had to get his glasses to see what he was doing - we're registered old farts already. Anyways once I have hands again I'll give it a go.

    Lisa X

  26. They look absolutely gorgeous. x

  27. What a splendid idea and what a darling blog you have. I have added you to my blog linky list so I remember to pop back, a cheery hello to you :)

  28. They look fabulous... do they need to be glass baubles or can they be plastic?

  29. My house is decorated even in the bathrooms....I'm nuts I know!
    LOVE your baubles, Momma.....were talking, Dreamy!

  30. Thankyou for all the bauble love <3
    Gaby, they can be plastic (mine are in the pics)
    x x x x x

  31. Thank you, really appreciate your response - the flower decals I ordered arrived today so am itching to get started! I am planning to adorn Christmas presents with the baubles as an added bonus... that is if I can bear to give them away - they are so pretty.