Monday, 11 July 2011


........I have some bags in the shop again :)

Pink ones, blue ones, yellow ones, flowery ones and retro ones ...

Only 2 and a bit weeks left till the end of term, so I am stocking up the shop and tidying the house,ordering caterpillars!! and making teacher gifts...could it be this year I will actually get organised and be ready for 5 weeks of mayhem ????..I'm feeling a bit wistful this year as I think this is probably the last summer where me and the lads will do things together...I'm aware that with having boys there comes a point where they may shift themselves away from their mum
....but that's ok...I'm grateful they humoured me for this long :)

Have a happy week :) ...(I'm not sure why this is in italics)...naughty blogger again I guess
x x x x x x x x


  1. Gorgeous bags you clever lady. What are those lucky teachers getting??? Ours is totally bonkers- no idea what she'd like so I think a big bar of chocolate or bottle of vino will be heading her way. Not sure she'd appreciate beautiful handmade goodies. Have a happy week, Ax

  2. hey lovely friend - closing my eyes to your beautiful bags!! (please hide them on wednesday)
    Lets make some plans for the summer - sanity requires it.
    fee x

  3. Those bags are gorgeous, only 4 1/2 days 'til the holidays begin here! am I ready :(
    Need to sort the teachers pressies out really quickly!
    Sue Xxx

  4. oooooh those bags are truly lovely :o)
    And you are very organised!
    j x

  5. OMG I NEEEEED one of those bags. Do you think Mr Biscuit would notice ANOTHER bag?

    Week two of the hols up not to think about the five still to go...x

  6. Cute bags in gorgeous fabrics- what's not to like?
    Loving your blog, as always.

  7. Beautiful colours - beautiful bags. x

  8. Your bags are gorgeous. Just had to buy one. :)
    Mandy x

  9. Bags are good!can't choose a started today for us...just six weeks without running my legs off...


  10. Ooooh, those bags look lovely hanging up together, all your hard work, lovely.

    it always throws me when UK bloggers talk about their Summer vacation when it's still Winter here. Hope you enjoy them and get to have some wonderful times with your fellas.

    Claire :}

  11. You have been busy and the bags are gorgeous.

    Have I missed something? What are the caterpillars you're ordering?

  12. My lovely bag arrived today beautifully wrapped. Thank you.

  13. Wow, really pretty fabrics and design again!
    Love, Maaike

  14. These bags are SO adorable!
    I would LOVE to order one!
    I am very INSPIRED by your creations!
    Hugs from Bainbridge Island!
    So delighted to meet you!
    I could easily spend all afternoon on your blog!

  15. Love them all especially the pink one.

  16. What beautiful bags! I love how prettily all the handles coordinate in a row!