Monday, 13 June 2011

Finally.....a winner ....

Yaaaahoooooo, I'm back...with a new browser and a new-found knowledge of cookies and caches!! We have just had the longest two weeks ever, school holidays started with Mr H going away for work so me and the boys had a nice little trip over to Grandmas in Yorkshire for a few days, then followed lots of rain, a broken toilet, a broken shower, a trip to the vets for Arnie, a trip to the dentists for me (crown fell out) and the holiday ending with me and Mr H at a Take That concert.
Lets just say my knowledge of toilet syphons,shower circuit boards and how to remove a tick, whilst looking like a hillbilly(tooth missing) has also improved :-)

Onto the winner of the giveaway,thank you all... I had such a giggle reading the lookalikes comments , the name picked out of the hat was........
....well done!!! and thanks for your patience....if you email me your address I can get those goodies off to you, :-)

In between all the mayhem I did manage to finish a few projects like this little blanket, remember me saying I was going to make some things out of my vintage fabric stash before I sold it all? .....well I got a bit addicted so there are a few new things to show and tell, this is my favourite, I love the way the colours look next to each other...oh I do love colours....

its so good to be back :-)

Have a lovely week
x x x x x x x x x x


  1. Well Done Magic Bean you lucky lady!

    Glad to have you back Jane have missed your lovely colourful posts to brighten up my day!!!!!!!


  2. oh wow-sounds like you've had a busy time!
    congrats to the winner...

  3. Congrats to Magic Bean said through clenched teeth - ho ho. Such a lovely giveaway Jane. Great to have you back, not sure what cookies and all that other stuff you mentioned are so I hope mine don't misbehave and will I know it if they do?

    Delicious blanket full of your delights.


  4. Oh my goodness it's me. Thank you. It's a double surprise as I'd totally forgotten about this. What a lovely start to Monday morning. Thank you Mrs Teawagon (you hillbilly, you), Ax

  5. Congrats to Magic Bean. Do please tell me a little more about the Take That concert. Living in Australia, I wasn't really into their early music, but their latest efforts with Robbie Williams have me bopping around. Was their concert good?
    Have a great week,
    Anne xx

  6. Ooh, talk about back with a splash! Your blanket is divine! :-)

    Well done to Magic Bean!


  7. Good to have you back, Jane.
    The blanket is gorgeous, I hope you're going to show your other makes too.

  8. Yessss! you're back!

    I love your vintage fabric blanket, wow!

    have a nice day.

  9. Soooooo glad to have you back, I have missed your lovely pics.
    The blanket is oh so yummy.

  10. Welcome back...I soooo missed you and your pretty things.
    Your blanket is adorable!!!! Such sweet fabrics. I remember as a young girl my auntie would make me summer dresses in these pretty fabrics....maybe that is why I adore them so much.

    Hugs to you and happy new week. xoxoxo

  11. Welcome back! What adventures you had.
    Love your blanket.
    Congratulations to the Magic Bean.
    Carol xx

  12. The blanket looks great!
    Hen x

  13. Cookies are best dunked in tea in my opinion???!! Love the blanket, great colours and patterns.

  14. hey (real life) friend!
    was hoping to catch you this afternoon - to say thank you (do you know how big a gift that is???), fancy a trip to see Lip Service, fancy a cuppa later this week blah blah blah!???

    Glad you fixed your gremlins - and woo hooo to that blanket - looks amazing.

    Missed you
    fee x

  15. congrats lucky she is! It's so beautiful all the colors are perfect and cheery!

  16. My namesake won, well done to her.
    Love your blanket; it's very familiar of course with me using a pile of your fabric. The blanket I am making will take a long long long while to complete though. No impending ta-dah moment.
    Nice to see you back!

  17. Sooooo, so beautiful! Where on earth do you find all those wonderful vintage fabrics?

  18. Rats. I wanted to win. Fart.

    On a less grumpy and selfish note (Magic Bean I'm happy for you, I am really. Sad for me BOO HOO!) Lovely blanket, no, GORGEOUS BLANKET. Very very lovely.

    Bet it was the Bjorke comment....;oD


  19. Sounds like an interesting holiday ;-)) Love your vintage patchwork gorgeous fabrics and i love your fabric stash to ooohhh my eyes nearly popped out of my head ;-)) Have a lovely week, dee x

  20. how in the flip have i not seen your blog before! Its fabulous!


  21. Wow! That blanket with those colors and fabric is stunning! I totally love it - and I also understand your obsession with granny blankets! I am in my own obsession right now...... good to have found you!!