Friday, 30 July 2010


At the moment our house is full of piles!! Not nice ones like this one above, I this pile!!! And I love this one.....

This is my total so far of crocheted blankets, in various colours and patterns, no two the same, very random!

Each room in the house has at least one now and all have a little or a lot of pink in them, which isn't bad considering I live in a house full of boys!!

Even our little dog has one.
I think this obsession may be coming to an end now but I already know what will be taking up most of my (rare) spare time this summer......



  1. Long may the obsession continue! What lovely grannies. I think your blog is fab Jane.

    Sue x

  2. Lovely blog and gorgeous blankets!
    I'll follow you from now on... Would you please go on making such cute grannies! ;)

  3. I live in a house of boys too and love making pink girly blankets! love your blog by the way!

  4. Ohhhh my! I want to gobble it up - right now, before work and lay down flat on the couch and dream my way away to granny square land.

    How beautiful ain't that. My first visit, not sure how I got here.. Via Sue who i found at Min Inspiration I believe... I will absolutely come back very soon.

  5. Ooo, love those piles! Love, love, love! The little flat 'dolls' are cute.

  6. I absolutely love your colors that you crochet with! They are very bright and cheerful! I am adding you to my reader and look forward to seeing more of your work =)

  7. What an amazing pile of beauty you have here! Gorgeous blankets, I really love them...
    Enjoy Spring!
    Love, Maaike

  8. Your blankets are beautiful, I also share your obsession x